Hot Date with my Smeats

diana chatIt’s been a while since I have spoken to Diana, my main squeeze by the nickname of Smeats. We originally started calling each other that because her love of sweets and my love of meat. Don’t laugh guys!

Now that she’s stationed in Hawaii, and I miss her soooo much, it’s harder to stay close, but not impossible,

We set our video chat date  for 11pm, which means it was only about 5 pm over there. We ended up talking for about 4 hours, catching up on absolutely everything! She’s getting married and is prego! So exciting! We spoke about boys, decorations, family, dresses, old classmates, crazy ex boyfriends, future plans, work stuff, all of it.

It was amazing, and I can’t wait until our next date.

Love you Smeats!

Never Made Its

Here’s another round of Never Made Its. Those random pictures that just have never made it to get their own post on the site. Mostly random pictures through out the day. You can find most of these on my instagram, if you’re not folowing me already!

@2minxinx Get to it!

Stuck at work looking like a rabbit.

My gorgeous Lee and I . Keeping the kiddies entertained, watching Paranorman with a diy fort =]

One of those mean mug days.

Thanks to Kash for uploading this #tbt ( Throwback Thursday ) pic of us from when we used to be roommates back in 2009.

The stunning Ariana.

Lunchbreaks in Chipotle.

When you spend most of your time at work, you end up falling for your coworkers and all of their personalities.

All smiles.

three’s company with Kat, Mikey and myself.

Lumberjack life. Being lazy on my day off.

Barbeque time with Kat’s family. There’s baby Ashton, looking all cute!

Blessed to have all of them in my life. Zero, my godson Zj and Kat

Finally home after a long day at work, comfy and ready to spend my night online.

At work supposedbly.

Can’t you see how hard I work? ( closing shift at 1 am )

Food shopping with my handsome godson. I had to give him my scarf while we strolled the meat/frozen foods section.

Burrito lunch date with my Diana.

A new Mini You of @Moonoverdose, that I just haven’t had the chance to post up on the site…. busy with the move and all.

I had to use two different pictures to get her final result, but I have to admit, she looks so cute!

My Dirty Diana, Minus The Dirty Part, Sometimes.

When I manage to actually have a day off, I take advantage of it to the fullest. I met up with my sarcastic love, Diana.

We headed to Coney Island for a day just to ourselves. Soak in some sunrays and call it a day.

How cute is she!?

I haven’t seen Diana since my last body painting gig in April and I was so eager to see her, catch up on our lives, work, school, family life and of course…… men.


That’s where all the good gossip is at!

I explained how lately I have  been blessed with some choices lately, but I’m just not interested in the dating scene right now.  Not only do I not have the  time, but it seems like lately I just don’t seem to have a crazy connection with someone. At least not yet. I feel IF I’m going to give away my “single” status, someone is really going to have to be special.

Not only that, but I’m a huge pain in the ass. I swear, I’m the most stubborn, prideful, person I know. I have many great qualities, but if someone can’t deal with me through my worst times, then you definitely shouldn’t be there when I’m fucking awesome…hahaha.

Enough about that.

Some of the craziest people always tend to come out when you show up at a beach…D looks awesome of course…but  look at this woman bending over showing us her goodies! You can click the pic to make it larger, that’s if you want to … I don’t know your life!

I busted out  my handy sketch pad and decided to brush up on some quick 2 minute random sketching. Good thing I had D to pose for me. ¿que cres?

After a short while later, we hopped on the train and to surprise we had some company most of the time. There were these two  guys from England, being as loud as possible, who felt the need to speak to everyone. I’m guessing they were a little drunk. They flirted with us a bit, even asking if they could come to our place to take a shower…..ummmm, no.

It became a little awkward, so I took out my  sketch pad and lowered my head….oh, man.. what was that for!?

They got all excited, jumping up and down, asking if I was artist…. hahaha then it became funny as they started posing for me.

It didn’t take  long for the other passengers to start laughing at our crazy scenario…

I ended up ripping out the pages and letting them keep the sketches.

Guess they’ll be traveling to England =]

Thanks for the laughs Dann and Tarik.