Mood Board: Cutting the Curls

I walked in to work, my coworker is sitting on a sofa sipping her coffee, looks up at me and yells “Good Morning Millie, your hair looks fabulous! Hey, I’m liking this spirit, give me all the compliments, I’ll take them wherever I get them.
I’ve been trying very hard to stay away from heat, it’s tempting. I failed this week. But in my defense, I did really well for two months. I’ve also been thinking about cutting it, mostly to re-shape the way my curls fall.
I’ve been debating if I should get a Deva Cut, since I keep hearing great things about it. You know what it’s time to just go do it and stop talking about it and just go do it. The price is so steep though.. but if I can spend almost $200 on things like camera equipment and a phone bill, I can invest in my looks.

Art Show at Sullivan Room

Finally, the post about the show…. I arrived at Sullivan Room to set up a little later than  I was supposed to. I had just gotten out of work and was eager  for my night to start.

I was going to be showcasing my new series of paintings alongside the beautiful and talented ladies

Mheartstar  and  Teekayelle

( some of their work above )

Once I arrived Kash ( TKL ) had already nailed down her collection and was gone. Mel ( MHS ) was still there setting up with the help of our  good friend Jorge.

It didn’t take long for her to leave as well.

The girl’s plan was :  go home, change and return to the show. Which I honestly didn’t understand the point, due to the fact that the show started in less than an hour and they would never make it back on time. Especially since the show was in the city and they lived in Queens and Brooklyn.

They decided to take the chance anyway, promising they would be back in time. Ugh, what was that for? I spent the whole night not only advertising my work, but theirs as well. It’s not that  I minded, because I know I’m pretty good at it, but simply because I  wasn’t prepared for it.

On another note,  I was so grateful for all of those who came to support and show a little love. @PositiveP and @ethinaaa above, two cuties. Phil showed up which  I loved. And these gorgeous ladies, Sara, Jess and her cousin stopped by as well.

Of course my Misha was there, and Q was awesome the whole night. Especially because he was treating my finger.
During my lunch break I was working on the final touches to a lifesize cardboard Minxette cutout and while cutting around the bodies  I ended up slicing my finger with a box cutter.

At least all the blood was for a reason, everyone loved the cutout.

Mel finally arrived 15 minutes before the show ended, giving her enough time to say her hello’s around the room and back around to say her goodbye’s.
Once our time was over and all our canvases were packed we headed outside to bump into Kash, angry as ever.

Kash was busy arguing with the bouncer because she was misinformed about the time the show was supposed to end and basically mushed the guy and bombarded inside the venue. The bouncer ended up calling the cops and was ready to press charges. Everyone was arguing back and forth.
I  ended up having to be the one to calm down the bouncer, speak to the manager  and not have him press any charges.
Especially false charges like trespassing. It wasn’t that serious, even though Kash was acting a little out there.
After Kash walked around the block and calmed down a bit, we moved the show to the streets of the lower east.
Using my cardboard cutout we stopped strangers to take pictures, laughing and handing out my business cards.
It was a trip!

May Wants

Can you believe I just realized I didn’t post this month’s wants!!! I’ve been so caught up with everything it is that I’m doing… I know I always post the “Desirables” on the first of the month.. but here’s a late entry, I hope you guys, mostly =]