Ringlets of Hell

My curls have been acting pretty funny lately. The last two times I’ve washed it, it’s been looking like I was playing with an electrical socket. So dry and brittle, disgusting, This video is on a good day. I turned to Twitter and asked my curly haired followers for assistance. The responses were amazing! I had so many gorgeous ladies giving me tips. I just purchased the one n only hair mask, and so far, I’m loving it.
My ringlets are coming back to life.
Here are some other curly friendly products that were mentioned, that I must try:

So if you’re anything like me, and need to start giving your locks some special attention, you can thank these ladies for the help.

Krystal, Anthin4Salinas, BeardEnthusiastJennifer, Yesikins.
♥, M

Jonahs Has a Ball

I haven’t seen my cousins in quite some time. Jonahs was turning two years old, and knowing Sasha and Ramgy, they were going to go in. Last year they had a cute sailors, aquatic theme, which was way too adorable. They dressed up as a sailors and were a huge hit. This time, everything was sports related, so when they came out with matching jersey’s everyone was giving out compliments back and forth.

Getting there for me was a bit of a mission though. I had a weekend bag with me, and I was also going to be picking up two kittens the next day, so taking two trains and a bus was such an inconvenience. Maybe I should finally get my act together and learn how to drive already. My gorgeous date was MaryAnn, since we usually get together on Wednesdays, we decide to make a flip and hang out on a weekend. She’s such  a trooper, especially since she came out so far just to hang out with little old me.

She was so excited when she got a taste of that cotton candy though!
This get together was a curl take down. I was so happy when I saw my cousins rocking their natural swirls. It’s a beautiful thing.

Jonahs was looking too cute  in his jersey , blue and white stripes and his tiny little fitted. Now that he’s getting a little older I see the resembles to Sasha so much more now. I find it so damn cute.If you know me at all, or even just an ounce of a bit, you know that whenever I hear music, I’m already up and dancing. When that Salsa started to play, I grab anybody and everybody and pulled them to the open space we called a dance floor.

When the little kid party was over, it was time for the adults to have a little fun. We headed to Sasha’s and Ramgy’s put the music on loud, served the drinks and got the hookah started. You know latinos, any chance for a party, is a great party.

Mood Board No.13 : Curls on Curls on Curls

hair inspiration board

Hair chronicles, we all have them.

Ever since I started to wear my hair in it’s natural texture, every one has an opinion. When I first showed up to work with my broken what should have been curls, I got many comments that insisted I looked  like I stepped out of the 80’s. My hair was damaged and dyed jet black, I had curls on top and the ends where dead, straight, there was no revival.  When I came back from Santo Domingo in February 2015, my strands had faded all the blue and purple that was tossed in there since I have been a mermaid in the island of Puerto Rico. So when I tried to correct the color, I started getting browns, all shades of them. That’s when I decided to go blonde. My hair was still damaged and it showed, so once April 2015 came around, I grabbed scissors and just started cutting. That’s right, all on my own.

Christopher walked in on me, and just looked at me,letting me do my thing. I was so frustrated, I felt ugly so I just kept chopping. He let me keep cutting, until I wouldn’t stop and at one point he was justlike..”ok, I think that’s enough”. I put the scissors down, and I felt a sense of relief. All that dead hair was now living in a garbage can.

By May 2015, I told myself all this heat was not going to help my hair get longer, and before it gets longer, it needs to get healthy. I decided to cut back on heat, and when a Dominican cuts back on the salon trips, the blow dryers and the planchas (flat irons) you get a big fro of an outcome.

I’ve secretly loved my curls when I was younger, it was just so hard to keep up with all the maintenance. And most of us know, those who have curly hair wants straight hair, and those who have straight hair want curly hair. Just like we complain it’s too cold in the winter, wishing it was summer, and by the time summer rolls around and it’s too hot, we we’re wishing it was cold again. We just don’t know what the hell want.

My short little blonde curly fro made me feel okay when it was behaving, the shape could have used some work, but I was okay with it. I wasn’t in love with it. Now that it’s finally getting just a tiny bit longer, I’m feeling  more comfortable in my skin. I have learned to looove my fro, and now when I have straight hair, I start missing my curls, I feel so regular and boring.

I’ve tried my best to stop the hair dyes, I used to dye my hair like every 2 months, and it wasn’t up keeps, it was a drastic change every time. I couldn’t do that anymore.  My blonde is almost at the bottom, I keep cutting sometimes to get rid of dead hair, and the darker roots are starting to blend in.

I still have so much work to do, and my hair journey isn’t over yet. I still find myself tempted to dye my hair. I was thinking of adding more blonde, since it’s fading so much, but I talked myself out of it… just let it be Milli.

I still get picked on sometimes. I get comments like “oh, you forgot to brush your hair today?” or “Ah, your hair is so big it scared me!” but you know what I always get more people who love it, always want touch it, people who tell me “omg, I love it when you have it curly!” or ” your fro gives me life!”.

For every one person who gives me a negative comment, I get 5 who adore it. And no matter what any one elses opinion is, I don’t do it for you. I do it for me, and at the end of the day, if you don’t like it…then don’t look at me.



Girls With Curls

I haven’t seen Tanya in almost forever…okay, a couple of months, but that’s still pretty long. We decided to meet in Roosevelt Island, I think I’ve probably been there once on a school field trip when younger. We stayed close and tried not to roam too much, last thing we needed was to get lost especially since we were on a time budget.

The breeze was strong and our curls were flowing.

I loved catching up, I can’t wait until our next date. 

Mermaid Parade 2015

Coney Island’s annual Mermaid Parade… I think this one might just be the best one yet. Ever since I gained knowledge about these festivities, I told myself I was going to come ever year. ( See the Parade from 2011, 2012, 2013 ) Originally we were supposed to arrive with a pack of people, but everyone ended up bailing because of the rain (that never showed) guess, it worked out for the better, because we had a great time!
The music was blasting, my hips were moving, the beers were being chugged, and the costumes were amazing. Chris was having fun looking at all the nude beauties that passed us by, while I just laughed and kept shaking my own ass.

When I got up this morning, I had every intention of keeping my outfit as simple and festive as possible. I love seeing everyone so dressed up dramatically, I personally feel like it would be too much for me. As much as  I love photographing others, I wouldn’t like to be stopped every 2 seconds. I want to be able to enjoy  myself.The board walk was everything… I love when my latinos get together, Chris grabbed to dance some salsa and when I get started, there’s no stopping me. I think we danced for 2 hours straight, just making new friends of all ages…and sea life.

I even got to dance with a merman, who was feeling himself and had some moves of his own.
I love roller-coasters, one thing I would never understand is why I get so freaked out when it comes to ferris-wheels. Maybe it’s because the way cart just swings back and forth..yikes!

Either way, I wasn’t going to say no.
Our day was exhausting, well worth it and memorable, check out this video from our day!

New Artwork: Curly Canary

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  • Sexual Ecstasy

2minxinxTwo weeks later after I showed you guys the WIP (Work In Progress) for this New Artwork, I finally get to show you guys the finished product. This Curly Canary was already finished and I was just waiting for the owner to have it in his possession before putting it online. You know how things go, then plans happen, and you get so caught up with everything around you. (Which also explains why my last post was bout 5 days ago, sorry guys, you know I’m usually more consistent than that when it comes to my blogging) As I mentioned in the behind the scenes post (see that HERE)  this piece started off with me having full control of what I wanted to paint. Jokingly around, I mentioned how I would make her resemble me a bit, with her curly purple hair and some tats to match.

I didn’t want to use much color. Much as in the amount of colors used, because I was ready for this piece to be vibrant. Especially since I already knew where it was going to be displayed, and since the new owner already had pieces of works hanging, I wanted to make sure my Minxette would stand out. Not that it’s much of a problem now, since I noticed she’s being showed off right in the middle of his bedroom. Damn, maybe I’m a bit of a selfish one, haha.

2minxinxI loved the way the highlighting on her skin tone came out. I swear to everything, I surprise myself every time I finish a new piece. I could never believe that I’m capable of doing what I do. Whenever I finish, I’m like ” omg, I just did this.”

It’s like another force was moving my hands in the way they need to go, and all of a sudden I wake up to something new. I see how much I’ve grown in these years and the change is drastic. I  have so much more to teach myself. Yes, I teach myself everything. I mean, I went to High School for Art, but let’s be honest, I was always cutting class.

Anyway, back to the painting, and enough of me giving you these close up shots, showing of the detail work. Here is the official finished product… well, not official, you know what I mean, the real one is chilling in someone’s bedroom right now.

I love it, He loves it, Do you love it?
Curly Canary by 2minxinxsig 2

August 2014 Wants

august wants1.   2.   3.   4.    5.   6.   7.   8.   9.    10.    11.   12.   13.   14.   15.

This is my 3rd August wants you guys! (see 1 & 2 here from previous years). I guess I’m going to have start titling these with the years. I can’t believe I started this Desirables feature 3 years ago already, time sure does go by quickly. But I see my style hasn’t changed much, especially since I’m into grungy, clean lines and draping most of the time. Though I must admit, lately I have been more into soft pastel colors. My favorites usually being lavender and seafoam green. They’re just so beautiful, and knowing me, I will make them match with almost anything and everything.

I’ve heard Miss Jessie’s is the absolutely best when in comes to curly hair, specializing in multicultural, natural curls is hard to find now a days. Though it’s pricier than what I usually spend on anything hair wise, I wouldn’t mind splurging on this brand to test it out and see if my kinks get a little healthier, and longer.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows how much of dweeb I turn into when I see any gems/crystals/quartz. I find the stones so incredibly rough and stunning. I’ve recently just received No.13 as a present in purple, and I love it! Maybe I should start collecting all the colors, plus No.5 looks so cute and refined!

When I bumped into these doorknobs, it gave me a flashback of an old apartment my mother had was about 4 years old. Of course they were in white, and H&M’s home decor section has that in clear as well, but there’s just something about green that made it look like nice jade.

Recently I’ve been trying to be more active in my lifestyle. And this neon medicine ball with a grip is something I’m just going to have to invest in. I already have a yoga mat, dumbells and stability ball being put into good use… this medicine needs to come home with me now!

I don’t know what it is about wine, but it loves me back so much. A friend, Julissa, recently introduced me to the wines from Trader Joe’s, and not only was it soooo good, it was extremely inexpensive. Just what I like to hear. The other day I took myself to Whole Foods instead if T Joe’s by mistake on the hunt… I was so upset that I walked into the wrong store, and since I was in such a rush and carrying such a huge bookbag, I decided to quit the quest and went home wine free. No worries, I got this… and I’m stacking up when I get there, because my home bar is looking a little lonely. Not that it has stopped me from drinking, the bottles just never make it home!

Which comes to No.4. That flask is absolutely everything! It’s not only cute, but clever too. What’s not to love, get in my purse now! And hey, it’ll come in handy when I have to diy on the go… damn, I sound like an alcoholic.

Oh, well!

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