Family: She Glides

     What a great night to spend outdoors. The weather is chilly, but not freezing my fingers off. The light breeze reminds me that I didn't bring a scarf with me. My mother made last minutes to go to dinner. My cousin Yenny is in New York from Dominican Republic. She was here in … Continue reading Family: She Glides

Elijah Turns 6

So many cousins, so many babies, so many birthdays, so much cake. My cousin Ciara's baby boy Elijah turned 6, and he's such a cutie. I was running a bit late, and I was kicking myself in the ass for it.  Luckily for me, I was one bus ride away that took forever to get … Continue reading Elijah Turns 6

Chuckie Cheese for Chase

I got to spend the day with my cousins Scarla and Diana, and their rugrats. Scarla's oldest Chase was having a birthday, and even though the weather stopped her original plans from going Pumpkin Picking (boooo), Scarla was'nt going to let that stop her from surprising her little one with something special for his special … Continue reading Chuckie Cheese for Chase

Happy 26th Birthday Jasmine!

I've been holding on to this for a little while now, just waiting for the right time to publish it. What better day than Jasmine's birthday? Today you would have been 26 years young! I'm at a loss of words, because I honestly don't know what to express, but the obvious. I miss you like … Continue reading Happy 26th Birthday Jasmine!

Raymond’s 19th Birthday

My not so baby cousin is officially 19 years young. I arrived early and got to help my godmother with all the shopping for the BBQ that was happening tonight. You had to see us, running around that supermarket like crazy ladies. We were running short on time and had so much to do. Raymond … Continue reading Raymond’s 19th Birthday