Slutoween: Why Women Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes

You guys may not know this about me, but I'm a lover of podcasts. Whenever I'm at work, you better believe I have on my bright green headphones on while I type away. One of my favorites has to be the feminists crew from "Stuff Mom Never Told You". They speak about almost everything related … Continue reading Slutoween: Why Women Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes

Bengali Bride throws a Halloween Bash

This Halloween has been nothing short of amazing. I was a little nervous my dress wasn't going to arrive since I ordered it from ebay and took a chance. It arrived  two days before, the relief felt great. That is, until I tried it on. The bottom looked great, but I wasn't feeling the bodice … Continue reading Bengali Bride throws a Halloween Bash

5 DIY Halloween Costumes You Should Try

Halloween is around the corner and I'm super excited! I mean, you don't even understand... this holiday is better than my birthday and Christmas combined! When it came to dressing up for these festivities,  I've always loved Do It Yourself Costumes.  Of course when younger my  mother would take my brother and I to the … Continue reading 5 DIY Halloween Costumes You Should Try

Pio Pio

Halloween is getting closer and I'm so excited. I've honestly visited so many websites and gone into many Halloween shops, and yet I can't find anything I truly want to be. Not only are the costumes made out of horrible material, which makes them look cheap. they're expensive! How backwards is that? Not to mention … Continue reading Pio Pio

Mermaid Parade 2013

♥Mermaid Parade 2013♥ Every year I make sure I mark my planner for the Mermaid Parade that's held in Coney Island. The tradition of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade began in 1983 and is held annually in celebration of the beginning of the summer season. It's basically Halloween in the summer with a mardi gras and … Continue reading Mermaid Parade 2013