Wat-Aah! Taking Back The Streets

Time is getting the best of me. As you probably noticed, lately I haven't been painting as much usual. I've been taking  my creative self and stepping behind the camera for a little while. I self teach myself everything I know, which I love to be able to say. Though I don't know much, I'm … Continue reading Wat-Aah! Taking Back The Streets

Cope 2 & Kokian: “Under The Influence” Art Show

Cope 2 & Kokian are having a duo art show by the name of "Under the Influence".  The gallery will be displaying their work thruogh June 7th, 2014 so here are the details below: Azart Gallery @ Chelsea 27 617 West 27 Street New York, NY 10001 212-216-0030 azartgallerynyc.com Of course, we all  know the open reception … Continue reading Cope 2 & Kokian: “Under The Influence” Art Show