Kat’s Hooters

                  Kat’s birthday was long over due to be celebrated. Hooters it was.

It was small and intimate, definitely not quiet. We kept making jokes about everything. Chino looking like a Chinese Elmer Fudd, to our waitress being named Dayshawn and me calling out to her all ghetto like.

The day was a bit nasty, it had rained earlier, and I was starting to get cranky.

I’m just glad that when we got there, all that was put to the side and we had a good time.

Of course Z, the attention whore that he is….. look at the photo below.

Mikey was my arm candy for the night, especially since everyone was paired off. Kika, Kat’s bestfriend joined in on the fun, bringing her man. Kat and Z were together, obviously. And Chino brought his girl, Yari. Later on Ari joined us, I was glad to have her there.

I ended up getting their famous wings, especially since I never been to Hooters before, I also got me a Pina Colada. According to them it has liquor in it… tasted straight up virgin to me. Maybe that’s my alcoholic  tendencies speaking for me.

Once we left we headed back to Z’s to watch movies and just relax…. It was raining like crazy! I ended up having to cover my hair with a hooters bag, hiding it under a scarf I was carrying! hahahaha, talk about ghetto!

Once we ran home, dodging rain drops, we all got comfortable and decided to call it a night.

Happy Birthday Kat, I wish you the best always. I love you.

Photos by Misha MerinoPhoto by Jennifer Santiago