Body Art Gig: Moka Lounge

Body Art Gig: Moka Lounge



My boy Tag from hit me up to help paint at a club named Moka Lounge that promoted body art painting for the night.

The lounge was in Richmond HIll, Queens and like I always do when in Queens, I managed to get lost on my way over there.

Michael, Tag’s bro was awesome as always and saved me all the walking (in a skirt and heels, why was I trying to look cute again?) and told me to hop in a cab.2

Just an hour or two ago, I just finished cutting my hair into a bob (my ends were COOKED) and the humidity made me look even crazier,

so by the time I arrived I looked like the only frizzball.

How sexy.3

Yes, me and my Dominican hair have a lot of those moments, don’t judge me!4

As soon as I walked into the club (yes, i just sang that in my head while typing it)

I walked up to the stage and got to painting as soon as possible,

Ozbe was painting as well and he already had a huge ass line.5

I was told there was supposed to be 3 body art painters, including myself and someone didn’t show up.

So Joey, Oz’s girlfriend hopped in and started drawing on some short skirted girls!

She did pretty good if I may say.6

I tried to put my signature on the girls as much as I possibly could, but let’s face it.

I kept getting asked to draw hearts, butterflies and flowers.


C’mon girls can’t you be a little more original!?1

All in all, it was a good night.

I went in, got the job done and had a huge line of  girls piled up to get painted on.


And yes, I’m officially engaged now…


I keep trying to make some time to type up the story, and never find it… but I got you guys, I promise!


Thank you Tag for including me in your adventures… Until next time guys!1

Dirty Laundry


Dirty Laundry 



Q and I went to do laundry, like we have gotten used to doing together. He pretty much helps me with mine, I have yet to help him with his.

Since I’m always busy at work, painting or have some gig of one thing or another, we tend to make our time together whenever we can, doing whatever it is we are doing.

This particular day was one to remember. He’s helping me fold my “delicates” and comes across a black lingerie skin tight top looking thing and his reaction, priceless.

He breaks his neck to the side, with an eyebrow arched, and blankly stares at me with that smirk of his

“What the hell is this?”

I look at him, with a hidden smile and say “noooothing” and go to grab it out of his hands.

He pulls back and says “No, I’m keeping it!” and puts it inside his shirt!

I’m cracking up telling him to give me back my underwear and when he wasn’t looking, I snatched it away from him!

He looks at me in shock and starts laughing.

“Yo, I don’t care what you say, I’m keeping this”

“No your’e not!”

and chases me around the laundromat.

I’m cracking up and after about 2 minutes, he snatches it out of my hands and puts it his pants.

At this point everyone is already staring at us, we were super hella loud!

DSC01541Our dryers have just finished and we go and grab the carts to unload all the clothes and we settled down at this point, when in comes in some chick wearing a fur vest, skin tight jeans and tall 6 inch heels with her boyfriend.

Where are you going homie? We’re in a laundromat in the hood.

Q and I just look at each other , same time and both gave each other a raise of an eyebrow and continued to fold our clothes. (yes, our clothes. Q has his own drawer in my apartment that seems to be over flowing)

We mind our own business, and continue to do what we came here to do until we notice the other couple  bickering back and forth.

All we hear is, “Well, do we need to¬†separate¬†the clothes? What about this, is this colored? Can we use this soap? I dont know, I’ve never done this before”

Q and I look at each other again and it’s like we shared one brain.

(Discovery Channel narrator voice) White rich kids who have been cut out from mommy and daddy’s trust fund go out into the wild for the first time. We watched as the pair looked around in confusion. How much soap would they use? Would they remove that red sock from their whites? We watched in amusement when they discovered where the quarters go, they asked us…

“Does the change dispenser take credit card?”

lol! ¬†Let me stop being mean… we ended up giving them some laundry advice, Q looks at me and tells ¬†me he loves us.

I love us too Q. ♥

Charlie O’ Clothing Flyer


‚ÜźPhotoshoot for Charlie O’ Clothing‚Üí

FlyerWhile I already had Baby all set up and hyped for her body shoot, she had the idea of taking a few shots for Charlie O’ Clothing ‘s clothing line.

Charlie O’ Clothing is doing their thing in the hood lately, especially for being recognized for their ” I love my ink ” t shirts.

Don’t be fooled though, they have different logos, sweaters, caps, and it’s all comes ¬†in a variety of colors.

baby1 baby 2 baby 3 baby 4 I had fun dressing up Baby for this shoot, especially because she was origanlly going to take some regular pic with the tee and jeans… why not spice it up a bit!?

I hope you guys like, make sure you click on the links below and look for some cute items!

Model: Baby

T shirt: Charlie O’ Clothing

Photographer and editing: ME

February Wants

February Wants‚ô• February Wants ‚ô•

tall stripe band back dresspow boom print tube skirtstripe denim shortslace setflame leopard bodysuitlace traingle braplatform heelblue heelscut out strap shoeslazer cut platform heelneon ethic necklacebeaded bracelet

Kim’s birthday

Kim’s birthday was as cute as ever. The night started off a little rough due to technical problems with an outdated speaker system, but with a little time given all was fixed. Kim looked absolutely beautiful in her gown and matched her vintage 1920’s-1940’s theme perfectly. ¬†What a beauty!

After the Happy Birthday song was finished, Kim came out with her second number. A cute little short black sequenced dress with full big sleeves.

I loved it!

Though ¬†I had to leave a little early due to work in the morning, Yeah I know I suck….

I wish you all the best  in life darling, you deserve it all.

New Art Work: New Mini Yous

Here’s another set of Mini You’s for you guys!

The gorgeous @Iron_Maven sent me this picture of her… I absolutely loved her hair!

Of course you all should know Kat ( @Nyckattitude ) by now. Look how pretty she looks. Her dress was so detailed!

Don’t forget it’s super easy to have your own MINI YOU¬† simply just email me at¬†with the Subject :Mini You and don’t forget to include a head to toe picture of yourself or a loved one. I will respond with payment details.

Hope you guys enjoyed. Until Next time.



The gorgeous Priscilla from the wonderful site of  was interested in purchasing her own Mini You .

She’s always dressed so stunningly from head to toe, I felt the pressure.

Here’s the close up of the finished product: