Christmas Eve 2015

You know us latinos, Christmas is celebrated the day before.

Last year Christmas, Chris and I spent it at his aunt’s house in Jersey. This year we decided to keep it a bit local. Our initial plan was to just stay at his house, but I changed my mind fairly quickly, when I learned my abuela had been asking for me. I felt bad about telling Chris to drive all the way to Brooklyn, but I really wanted to stop by and see her, and since I was already going to be out there, I might as well stop by my brother’s as well.We started our night with a full feast at Chris’s momma’s house. The table was filled buffet style, pernil, rice, mac and cheese, I made some baked ziti and so many other things I can’t even recall right now, just know that it was good, and gone in about 2 minutes. I chugged my wine and was ready for round 2, change of environment that is.We pulled up to my parent’s house, who weren’t even home, and decided maybe it was for the best anyway. We were crunching time and maybe we should head to Brooklyn already anyway.

When I walked in, abuela looked so surprised, she had no idea I was coming. We exchanged hugs and I told her not to kill me, since I barely show up to visit anymore. She was just glad I was there.

I got to see some of my cousins, and all of their babies are getting big so fast.

Time to switch it up. Our arrival at my brother’s place was filled with open arms, and questions to why we got there so late. Every one had been drinking at it was time for us to catch up a bit.

My brother Luis has done a great job keeping up Christmas family style. Something that I always appreciate.

His style of his hosting reminds me so much when I used to be a kid. The little ones running around, counting down until 12am, so they could open their presents, while the adults caught about and spoke about grown up stuff until the clock stroke. Except this time I was on the other side, I’m the grown up telling the kids not to run in the house, and to behave or else Santa will know that they have misbehaved. Where has the time gone?

The kids bolted to the tree at 11:58pm, just waiting, watching, desperate to rip through packages. Way too cute.

I had a great time for Christmas Eve, I even got to meet my brand niece Khloe.

Ugh, She is absolutely adorable. Cutest chunky cheeks ever.

 How do you and your loved ones celebrate?


And A Very Merry Christmas to You Too

Before I get started, I want to wish you all a very happy holiday, no matter what you may celebrate and/or believe in. We all deserve to be surrounded by great vibes and positivity, and I hope each and everyone of you get to find that.I packed a bag with me, after rushing out of my house in the morning, running late after a long night out. Work never seemed to end, but once 2pm hit, I was out of there like speedracer. Chris was picking me up and our plans for later, were just that..much later. I just wanted to take a huge nap. I was exhausted. Once I laid down, I realized I couldn’t even do that, since I packed random crap into my bookbag, I realized with my white skirt, I needed to go outside and buy a nude thong. The silly things girls have to go through, I swear. You guessed it, I got no nap.
The weather wasn’t on our side today, even though it was nice and warm, the rain and my hair have never been much of friends. I’m just glad it didn’t get all poofy, and I end up looking like a brillo pad. That was the last thing I needed, especially since our plans for the night were to head to Chris’s aunt, Annette’s house. I know I was going to see familiar faces, and was happy to see them. When we arrived, there was smiles everywhere. Everyone was so eager to see each other, especially since the four sisters (Annette, Chris’s Mom, Millie and 2 other sisters) were all going to be together after so many years. Watching them catch up and laugh with each other was the sweetest thing.Chris cooked a pernil which was to die for! Annette had everything from baked ziti, mac and cheese, rice, potato salad, shrimp, omg… I’m drooling all over again.

There was even arts and crafts for the kiddies. Which Matt and I happily joined in on. Big kids.

It didn’t take long for us to grow up and grab some drinks. I was in more of a wine mood, but that didn’t stop me from having about 4 shots of Rumplemints. Ahhh… Sammy (Chris’s uncle) is no joke.

There was a lot of dancing, everyone was feeling the buzz. Whenever we go out there we usually end up passed out on the couch. This night was no exception.

In the morning, we all had a pretty good breakfast with all the leftovers. Who needs coffee, when Sammy is offering more beer to you as soon as you wake up. Day 2, drinking aaaaaall day.

Samara was ready to open presents. Absolutely everything she got was “Frozen” themed. I on the other hand, knew this was going to happen… so I opted out for a puffer vest and matching pants that I found to be way too adorable.

Well, I hope you guys had a wonderful time with your friends, family, loved ones. I know I did.

See you guys soon! , Minx

Ps. Check out the “Mini Me” I illustrated of my outfit.