Brownsville Anti-Violence Project

The Arts against Violence: Changing the Narrative of Brownsville community-wide project  at the Van Dyke Community Center on Friday, August 30, 2013 at 8pm, the Brownsville Anti-Violence Project (BAVP) and its’ advisory boards have planned a grand summer finale. Tatu from Xmental inc invited me to join in on the opportunity to help. Many kids … Continue reading Brownsville Anti-Violence Project

What Would Barbie Look Like As an Average Woman?

The full name of the first doll was Barbie Millicent Roberts, from Willows, Wisconsin. Barbie’s job was that of teenage fashion model. However, the doll has been made in versions connected to over 125 different careers. The first Barbie doll shown at New York Toy Fair in 1959.Courtesy of Barbie Media & Mattel The first … Continue reading What Would Barbie Look Like As an Average Woman?

Just a Little Brighter

The before picture... I'm always changing up my hair, though this wasn't a dramatic change... it's going to be a slow process to one... I get so bored easily, let's pray for the best and hope I don't end up bald. I went to Kat's Aunt's salon... I've been dying my own hair myself since … Continue reading Just a Little Brighter