WanderLust Mirror Scene with Paul Rudd

I watched this movie with Q last night, and without a doubt, this was my favorite scene....let's not count thte fact that I've watched it like 4 times already with vodka in my system before updating this post. I'm literally crying in tears...just don't be surprised when in normal convrsation I ask you if you … Continue reading WanderLust Mirror Scene with Paul Rudd

GJ’s 1st Birthday

Q and I got ready to head out to my baby cousin's 1st birthday party. GJ ( short for Genesis Jasmine ) is growing up so quickly! Her babyshower seemed as if it was only a week ago. Here's the birthday girl looking as cute as ever in her pink tulle dress while her Auntie … Continue reading GJ’s 1st Birthday

Outtakes From Misha Merino’s Shoot

 Fashionista.com gave me the awesome privelage of being interviewed by them to be posted on their site. ( Read that post here )  So, with that being said, here are the outtakes of that shoot. These just didn't make the cut to making it into the final round of pics for the interview.  I hope you guys enjoy. … Continue reading Outtakes From Misha Merino’s Shoot