Jonahs & Magelis Baptism: Pretty Poses

2minxinx2minxinxIMG_6484.bAs I mentioned in my previous post, I was in charge of the photography for my niece Magelis and nephew Jonahs’s baptism. So of course, not only was I taking candids, which I love taking… I had to get some posed shots as well. Cute babies and beautiful family members, easy enough. After the mass, the church had a cute little garden right next to it, and natural light is a girl’s best friend.

I grabbed a table cloth from the church that I “borrowed” so these chunky babies can lay down and not mess up their all white attire. Jonahs was a little cranky, but after a few tears he managed to look at the camera, maybe because I had like 5 people behind me making funny faces and calling him over.

GJ (short for Genesis Jasmine, Lionela‘s cutsie daughter) is awesome to point the camera at. Mind you, she wouldn’t just give me a regular smile the whole time, infamous for her funny faces.

When we got back to Sasha and Ramgy’s place, Ceci was in charge of the cake, which was way too cute.

Stay posted for the next post, where we get a little crazy celebrating Dominican style.sig 2IMG_65102minxinx2minxinx IMG_66782minxinx2minxinxIMG_66642minxinx

Raymond’s 19th Birthday

My not so baby cousin is officially 19 years young. I arrived early and got to help my godmother with all the shopping for the BBQ that was happening tonight. You had to see us, running around that supermarket like crazy ladies. We were running short on time and had so much to do. Raymond was expecting about 15 friends to come through and it was time for the grilling to begin, My godmother being the pro that she is, was on point and finished everything just as needed. The hookah was out and orange vodka was being passed around. Silly us forgot to bring out the cake that my cousin Sasha went nuts to get, so with most of his friends gone, Happy Birthday was sang with his tight close friends and family. Not a bad deal anyway.

Love you Raymond, wish you the best in life always.IMG_4888.jpgIMG_4926.jpgIMG_4867.jpgIMG_4942.jpgIMG_4866.jpg.jpgIMG_4947.jpgIMG_4923.jpgIMG_4874.jpgIMG_4934.jpgIMG_4880.jpgIMG_4940.jpgIMG_4893.jpgIMG_4906.jpgIMG_4911.jpg

Cake and Ribs


I love spending time with my Mish, what’s even better is that we always spoil ourselves with food in the process. I told her to come over so I can help her gain a few pounds. I had ribs seasoning since the day before and I knew that sauce was gonna be on point! 2

Talking about boys, one of our favorite topics. After a certain comment she made, I started to choke on the wine and made a mess on my floor, I spilled it from my nose. Mish ran over to me patting me in the back but we both just kept laughing. 3

Supposedly this girl date was supposed to be about business, since we have so many idea in mind for future shoots that we need desperately want to start doing. So if you’re interested in body art modeling, shoot me an email ( ) with a face shot and full body pic.

I have a list of people in mind, but it doesn’t hurt to make my list larger. I’m looking for a certain look, and I just love it when my (and hers) come to life.4

Dinner was delicious, not to toot my own horn, but “toot toot”

Misha and I decided we needed something sweet as well, so I took out a box of cake mix and get her to start mixing. I was surprised by how much oil the box wanted us to use, half a cup…

No, I was not having it, I added just a little bit, threw it in the oven and waited.5

I know what you’re thinking and I didn’t regret it at all, ew, imagine all that oil in cake?

Our yellow pound cake came out delicious, all I needed to was run to the store for some milk.

After stuffing our faces, blasting music and talking all that good stuff, we failed trying to add Photoshop into my computer. This makes me sad.


I told her how I was also thinking about starting to do vlogs. For those who don’t know, it blogging in video form. I was excited to try it, and she would love to help, but doubted she will ever join me on screen, only behind the scenes.

Hmm… I’ll see if I can convince her slowly.

If you ever heard our talking sessions, oh boy.

Trouble trouble trouble,8

I’ll keep doing my homework because I don’t like starting things and half assing them. So for now, please continue to read and my pictures. Maybe these vlogs will come sooner than later. See you guys next time, ya make me so happy!

, Minxie 9

Cinco de Mayo

Three different places to go, and since one of these was last minute, as much as I tried, I couldn’t make one of the get togethers. I know everyone I know was excited and going crazy with Cinco de Mayo…. let me re-phrase that, I know everyone was going crazy with how much they would be drinking tonight. Oh, all the hangovers that would be happening in the morning!

First stop:

Ari and I arrived, early… stuffed our faces with all the Dominicn food, pernil, chicken, lasagna, baked ziti, ensalada de costilla, arroz amarillo, ensalada de papa, oooooo… my spanish came out! excuuuuuse me! It was absolutely delicious, we grabbed a few beers while we watched everyone arrive.

Look at how cute the cake is… I was so pleased with all the primary colors and her carnival theme. No baby blue, which is so ordinary and boring. Glenny’s lateness was well worth it , because she looked fabulous! She’s definitely ready to pop!

         I spent my of my time acting a fool and in catching up conversations with these two gorgeous ladies, Ilani and Jen. I also got to meet the handsome Angel, who we are constantly liking each other’s pictures on instagram =]

 And of course, the love of my life, my little brother Jeremy. He is getting too big way too fast. He looked so polished in his collared shirts and slacks. After about 8 beers and stuffing myself with gummy bears, m&m’s and twizzlers, Ari and I headed out.

Second Stop:

The High School Crew, every get together is always a good one, always a drunk one, always a story to tell.

 This fiesta was a celebration for my very talented friend Ramon. He’ll be moving to Chi town with a new job ! I’m so proud of you!

As soon as I walk in , about 7 people not including myself are  stuffed into the bathroom, while Chris is running a bubble bath.hahahaha I know… But wait, there’s more… As soon as someone knocks on the door to use the bathroom, none of us leave, we all turn around while the person uses the toilet. I hope no one has stage fright!

My outfit, hope you guys like.