Jaqueline’s Bubbly

I don’t understand why I keep getting scheduled to work the shittiest hours. I came to work for a simple 4 hour shift, what a waste of my time, and whats worse, it cut my day in half, so I arrived at  5pm to leave at 9…boooo…

Best thing about today was, that I had my Nikki baby waiting for me to get home. It’s girl night, and she arrived with a bottle of Rose, named Jaqueline. So of course, we did what girls do best, sip and talk about boys. Yes, of course we catch up with work, school, and that other stuff, but let’s face it, sex is the most interesting topic of them all.

It didn’t take long for us to start squirming and getting all excited because our Paris trip has just been decided. And yes, this is going to be a group trip, most of us haven’t left the country so …. aaaaah, super excited!

Nikki and I started looking at places to rent out, and what we want to do, what we want to see. Ugh, there’s so much to plan, and even much  more to save. Right now, most of us have already purchased our one way ticket there, so let’s see how we’re getting back!

I looked through all of my empty shoe boxes to finally find what I was looking for. Nikki and I ended our night reminiscing on old high school photos. Laughing at skinny we are were, and what the hell were we thinking in wearing that.

What kills me, is that Nikki and I live so damn close to each other, we’re going to have more often, even if I have to drag her out of her house to do so. (love ya!)

Olivia’s 25th Gatsby Affair

The night was young, and I was excited to celebrate Olivia’s big two five in style. When Oli sent me the invitation, I couldn’t be more excited. I love theme parties, especially when it gives us the chance to dress up in a way that you wouldn’t regularly. As soon as you walked in to the hall, everything was black and gold, shimmer shimmer everywhere.

Oli looked stunning in her floor length lace gown, and I was impressed that everyone came in the required dress code. Love it!

I was even happier that I got to hang with my girls. We have all been so busy with work, love lives and travelling. This was the perfect opportunity to touch base, drink a little bubbly and gamble a bit.

Watching Oli give her birthday speech and pop open the bottle of champagne was absolutely adorable. I even got the chance to finally  meet her beau, which I’ve heard countless of good things about. She looks so happy, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

Sherryll and Sara came sporting a tan from their recent trip to Costa Rica, while Marcelle who I haven’t seen in almost 8 years and I caught up and hit it off really well. Tanya came with Richie of course ♥ they’re the cutest. I also got to see Bibi, another fellow A & D friend who I haven’t seen forever, she hasn’t changed one bit.Everything was absolutely timeless.

We all got busy on the dance floor.

This night was filled with endless laughter, and way too many pictures. Oli baby, congrats on turning 25, may this year be filled with joy and selfless acts of love.

I adore you.

Happy Birthday!