Chivo Para Los Chicos

It’s Easter!

Last night was a late night spent playing poker, so I woke up a bit on the late side, not that there was any rush. I had no plans today but to spend some time with my family. Mami was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, chivo (goat),  which everyone always loves. She’ll spend the whole day in the kitchen, and she doesn’t even eat it, what a trooper.

My brother Luis arrived, in the greatest mood, well, why wouldn’t he, it’s his birthday! We’re six days apart, and when we were younger we always used to bicker and fight about who was the oldest sibling. He never cared that technically I was older, but because he was a boy, he was the big brother. Now that we’re so damn close to thirty, we all want to the be young ones. Damn three years away from 30, time goes by so fast, I still feel like 17 years old sometimes.

Mami baked us some cupcakes, and everyone started to sing us happy birthday. I of course had mine with no frosting, because, yuck… frosting.
love, m

Love At First Sight: First Time Aunt

000_1 3-2_12My nephew is finally here. It was love at first sight!

I can’t wait to spoil him, watch him grow up and make so many memories. I’m so happy for my brother Luis and his girlfriend.

Our family just got bigger and our father (first time grandpa) couldn’t be happier.

Aaaaaaah, I’m an aunt!2-2_1

Viva Toro

1Sometimes a night out is all a girl needs.

Sometimes liquor can be your best friend.

After a long day of having plans to be super hicked out and go out dancing to watched a band play tipico live.. we were all excited.

For those that don’t know what tipico is, it’s basically Dominican music, it’s a very fast merengue. And I for one, love it.

I would rather make plans to go dance spanish music than to listen to english music anyway.

But maybe that’s just because I’m latina.

2After our tipico adventures fell through the cracks, we all wanted to go out and decided to head to Viva Toro in Julievets request.

It’s in Williamsburg and just like Johnny Utah’s it had a mechanical bull inside.

Unlike Johnny Utah’s (which I’ve been to sooo many times due to the fact that i used to work in 5th Ave) the bull is an additional expense, which gave Viva Toro a negative point.

But Viva Toro redeemed themselves over Johnny’s because of the DJ.

He was on point, I was excited and ready to dance.

3But what else is new?

I haven’t danced in so long!

And no, me dancing in front of my mirror with a b room does not count.

Since Julievet wasn’t up to shaking her hips, I got to take turns with my pick of dancing partners.

I danced merengues with my brother Luis.

Salsa with Julievet’s brother Frank.

Bachatas and everything else with Mr.Minx, Q.4Q was in a great mood, and I couldn’t  of asked for better company.

Since I didn’t see him in a few days, due to work and craziness,

I was missing him so much.

When he first showed up, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning, I sprinted up from my chair and wiggled my way to him to give him a huge hug.5And obviously, a little more than that. hehehe.

Ciroc and hookah, what a lovely mix, bleand it with great music and amazing company.

It was a good night, and even though I’m not a partying person like I used to be when I was younger, I wouldn’t mind having more of these.

6 7 8 10 11

Woot woot, lap dances!12 13 14

“Board of Art” Art Show; Evil and Love Inc.

995f622157c7664ce650741b3a3812bc1aEvil and Love inc. at 211 Franklin Street was having an art show.

I remember coming to this location about a year ago for their Cause and Effect show and had a pretty good time catching up with everyone and seeing MRS at her show.

This time MRS was displaying some new work but I didn’t get the chance to bump into her.

I came after work, like I usually do with all my events now a days, except this time I invited my brother and his girlfriend Julievet with me.

1I got there first and started snapping away.

This time the space was much smaller since they closed a part of the shop down, so it was pretty crowded very quickly.

According to their promotion, the first 25 people to RSVP to the show were  going to receive a small surprise, but maybe I didn’t stay that long  to see anything given out.2

I actually like when I get to  see artist display their work on skateboards. The small space is so limited and I like being caught by surprise to what other people can do.3There were plenty of different artists like Shiro, 2esae, MTK, The Muffin Man, SKI, Evil Steve , KA and so many others that I can’t remember.

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22My brother Luis and I 23 24These babies weren’t a part of the show, but I caught them being stored away in a sneaky spot and couldn’t resist but to take a snap shot of them.
25 This picture below has to be my favorite out of all the ones I snapped. ~Not my favorite piece.. but my favorite shot.

You have ODB as Jesus. grocery store skateboards and corona sneaking himself into the picture…love it.26 27 28 29So, I can officially say I’ll be an auntie…. and what a better way then to have Luis and Julievet let me announce the news next to KA’s skateboard.

Which I found to be hilarious because it was titled “99 Problems”

I’ve already nicknamed the  baby “Nine” my short version of Niece/Nephew until further notice.

They’ll find out the sex of the baby in about 2 weeks, and no matter how much I beg, they just won’t spill the news…yet.30After the show, because we didn’t stay long.

We decided to grab some drinks, and since I had a three day weekend, due to my job being on holidays.. I was ready to drink.

And yes, Julievet drank…some ginger ale.
31While making our way back around Williamsburg I saw this mural that I couldn’t stop staring at.

Sooooo creepy, but awesome! 32

Luis taking selfies…lol33After the long night, I sat downwith Julievet to help her make her own website.

She’s been wanting one for years according to her, so I decided to help.

She’s a great makeup artist and when you get the chance go check her out

34Until next guys….

let me let you guys go, because someone is complaining  I’m not paying attention to him (cough cough. Q)