Never Made Its

♠Never Made Its♠

Here’s another round of the “Never Made it’s” .

Those random pictures through out the day that have just never made the cut to get into their own post.

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meQ and I

One of those days, where my bed just happens to be my bestfriend. sadly enough that has been the case lately due to the lack of hours at work. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by updating my portfolio all the time. Which definitely explains why I have the time to be painting and updating so many body art shoots lately. But no worries, I think I got the hint and though I know my job is still promised ( for the time being ) I always have to look out for myself, which is why I took out the time to finally update my resume today.  Oh, and we all know that’s Q nextto me, sucking my face.

z working on my tatpractice

My brother Zero working on my tat. I finally decided to start my sleeve… let’s see how long it takes me to finish.. I’m very lazy.


I have never shed a tear for any of my tattoos. Yes, it may not look like I have much, due to the fact that all of my tats can be hidden if needed. But Kat was a trooper and held my hand through the whole thing because I was squirming like a little bitch towards the end. Love you!

baby minxie

This is what baby Minxie looks like, chubby cheeks and red lips… I guess not much has changed except for all the bleach that I marinate in my hair.

sidneyq and luci

Drunken nights with the job of course. Thats’s Sidney, the coolest guy ever with a great voice! Q and Luci, the sweetest yet spiciest, coolest girl!


Here’s one of us sober,even though we don’t look it… Check out Darien looking like a Thanksgiving day parade float! And yes, we look like twins!


This is what Insomnia looks like at about 4 in the morning.  That, and the fact that you can’t tell that I was moving furniture around my room like always… I swear I’m never satisfied.


Here’s more of an oldie, but I couldn’t resist. before leaving to see Oli

Celebrated Oli’s birthday at Bubble Lounge. It was a cute champagne bar, we sipped on some bubbly and then headed to M-15 to dance everything else away… I actually had fun seeing my girls. I need to start making time for them. I’ve been so wrapped up in my little bubble, it’s very easy tolose yourself…  also I just realized this the most times I have ever used the word “bubble” in a single paragraph. What the hell!?

zombie mode

I have the worst memory I have ever encontoured to date, which explains why I always write everything down. I got waaaaay to excited when I realized the walking dead is finally gonna be on February tenth. Thats’s the best Valentine’s day anyone could ask for.. just give me a pie of pizza and wine, yes, I can be a ratchet sometimes!

psychoThis is what psychotic lovers look like, just incase you had no idea.


I’m very blessed.

oh well

This was basically my reaction towards the Superbowl…I had no idea what was going on, and was actually just looking forward to seeing Beyonce perform.

cousin lidiababy cousin Raymond

Beyonce always reminds me and my family of my cousin Jasmine… which was perfect timing since we were all together for my cousin Lidia’s house warming get together, look how cute she looks all decked in leopard, she matched her apartment perfectly..leopard/cheetah print everywhere. That’s my favorite baby cousin Raymond.. not much of a baby anymore though, he’ll be 18 in June!


Extra shots from Gj’s birthday while we waited for our drinks at the bar.

basic bird pic

I look like a basic bird in this pic…oh well, until next time guys!

GJ’s 1st Birthday

gjQ and I balloonCandyland cake

Q and I got ready to head out to my baby cousin’s 1st birthday party. GJ ( short for Genesis Jasmine ) is growing up so quickly! Her babyshower seemed as if it was only a week ago.

balloonLidia and GJneisy Tio luis me

Here’s the birthday girl looking as cute as ever in her pink tulle dress while her Auntie Lidia carries her. My NEWLYWED cousin Neisy, glowing, happy as can be, my Uncle Luis and I posing for the camera. ( Congratulations Neisy! )


My godparents are adorable… They are truly the ONLY couple I know, that have lasted through the years. This is the only couple that has been able to teach me what a marriage should be like. Never ending.

They are beautiful and I’m so blessed to have them.


GJ with her grandmother while Q and I got caught dancing bachata by my cousin Ciara. He actually did pretty good, even though I caught him counting the steps a few times! lol


I had a blast and I’m sure Q did too. We danced, drank and laughed way too many times. Lionela did absolutely great decorating the place with her Candyland theme!

GJHappy Birthday GJ, wish you many many more…

Update on what’s going on in my life.

Where do I even begin? The beginning is out of the question, so let’s start with the end.

I have been counting down the days, so obsessively . Two weeks to be exact, until I finally move into my new apartment. I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m finally going to be able to say I have my own space ,  no burdens,  no consideration . All me.

These past couple of months  have taken a toll  on me due to  some personal problems.

But like always, I  overcome these situations and make the best of it.

Ruts aren’t forever.

I have so many ideas for my new space, I can’t wait to show you guys what I come up with.

I’ve always been a nut for interior design and diy crafts, but never had the space to actually show my individuality , so this will definitely be  fun while you guys take the journey with me.

On another note ,  my artwork.. which is the main goal of this site…

The orders of Mini Yous have been a huge hit!

I wanted to thank everyone who has ordered their own  or have ordered one for a friend or family member or even a pet!

I’m still taking more orders, so don’t be shy to hit me up.

Also,  as for my canvas work… time has had the worst of me. Which is no excuse, but I wanted to take  the time to apologize for the delay.

Because of my lack of space and time lately  I really haven’t had the chance to  paint.

I hope you all understand and I’m re-assuring you all that your orders will be completed.

Sometimes I wish I could just multiply myself and do 5 things at once, but until science proves itself, I’m only one person with many tasks and only two arms.

Lets see, we’ve covered art, my new place…

Love life is still a no, but no worries. Everything has it’s own time naturally. There have been a few flirtation moments, but nothing that has ever passed about 2 seconds. lol

Work, grateful that I have one, hunting for a second job  or a new one  completely  . I’m hungry for my time to equal money.

That’s the best equation  I could ask for. I know I work hard for it.

Health, still breathing.

Friends, where would I be without them?

I have been truly blessed  with people who care about me. Blood couldn’t  make us any closer, I swear.

From all our crazy adventures, laughs,  advice and support, I  must be the luckiest girl to be surrounded by people who truly care about  me. And whats better then someone who wants to be  with you by choice, no t because they have to.

Also, I’ve been going to a few art shows more than usual.. in case you guys haven’t noticed.  There will be many more to come as well. Why not share the talents of others as well. Might just open your eyes a little.

Anyway,  enough rambling for now.. until next  time.