Drunken Pictionary

This post has a little bit of everything, family, drinks, kids, games, videos, new artwork… I hope you guys enjoy =]

Headed to Connecticut on my day off from work, and I was missing my family soooo much. Work has definitely been taking a toll on me. I know you guys can probably tell because my lack of posts lately, but I promise it’s not because I don’t care.

I desperately wanted to go see Jen and AR because there’s so many changes going on and I have been hiding under a rock lately. Jen is going crazy with wedding plans and I wasn’t going to be able to make it to her officially dress fitting. ( Which I definitely got to see before everyone else, so haha! ) and my brother AR is celebrating his birthday next week, which I most likely won’t get to attend either.

Being and adult and paying bills is so time consuming!

So to make things a little better on my part, never show up empty handed….. a bottle of vodka, and how pretty that bottle was.

Jen was amazing as always with her cooking, I swear she spoils the hell out of me. I never leave that house skinny.

I started playing with my gorgeous niece Jolie, and I love our videos together, I swear, she’s such a character.  In this one she has no idea I was even recording and she was trying to get me to take a picture.

Let’s just say we ended up with waaay more videos than we needed to have but I just couldn’t pic my favorite.

Even after she sends me to go to doodooo!

I invited the lovely @damnnv / Violet over so she can pick up a commission  piece she ordered.

What do you guys think?

I know Violet loves pink , Hello Kitty and cupcakes, so I definitely had to make this Minxette all girly like.

So I based off her outfit from a custume Violet was wearing in one of instagram pictures, kitty ears included. I added a baby pink stove with cupcakes in the oven, and a purple fridge with milk inside. Since I knew V liked leopard print, just not too much of it, I gave the background a hint of a leopard wallpaper.

I’m just glad she love it… so of course I had to bribe her with drinks and  while I played bartender, like I usually do, we all started a game of Pictionary.

Let’s just say, while tipsy, this game is absolutely hilarious. Below is Violet trying to draw the ” Mad Hatter” , all while the screen is rotating…

hahhaha.. let’s just say she failed miserably. I shouldn’t be the one to talk though.

I had “Car” how simple does that sound????

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

After many laughs , an even more laughs when I ended up busting my ass because I slipped  on octopus  salad… I know, weird right!?


My gorgeous niece was having her “Moving on the next grade ceremony” not to be confused with a graduation.

She’s officially going to kindergarten, and we’re all excited!

She looked so cute in her little dress, I just couldn’t help being a little paparazzi.

Congrats babygirl.