Bonnaroo Music Festival : Festival Snob Style

Festival Snob from is providing you guys with amazing photographs from Bonnaroo. Since I had the pleasure of actually running around everywhere having fun, leaving my camera at the RV for most of the time, why not spoil you guys with someone who has a way more shutter pressing talent than I do. Also, feel … Continue reading Bonnaroo Music Festival : Festival Snob Style

Bonnaroo Music Festival; Day 3

Day three or 4, I think I have officially lost count. The days just blend together and it seems like it's just one huge day that never ends. Not that I'm complaining. Showering is a hassle, and we've all been taking turns with water bottles and soap. I'm pretty sure I've flashed some innocent campers. … Continue reading Bonnaroo Music Festival; Day 3

Bonnaroo Music Festival: Day 2

Today was a no bra day.  "F" that. Don't get me wrong, I start off with one, but they never last. Kind of like my romance life. haha. I have to make it funny or else it's just sad. The fellas are outside starting up a beer pong rivalry. I'm afraid to mention I have … Continue reading Bonnaroo Music Festival: Day 2

Bonnaroo Music Festival: Day 1

I cannot express how hot it is here. Shade is limited, and there's plenty of enough sun to spare. Non the less, I am super excited to get this trip going, aaaaaah! Camp was set up... there are RV's everywhere. Our grill was up, and I can't wait to taste some food soon. Some guys … Continue reading Bonnaroo Music Festival: Day 1

Road Trip to Tennessee

First time in a RV. First time going to a music festival. First time camping. First time road trip. Popping a lot of cherries this week. Don't get me wrong, I've had a few family affairs, like heading to Miami or maybe visiting family in Pennsylvania. Does anybody really count those? I know I don't! … Continue reading Road Trip to Tennessee