New artworks by Meres, Bisco, Bishop203, Just One, Leias, Zeso, and Zimad. Music will be provided by the legendary Marley Marl.

The opening reception is going to be held Feb 8th 6-10 pm at Low Brow Artique.

143 Central Ave BK. We hope to see you at the opening and if you can not make it, stop by Low Brow anytime until March to check it out.


Cause & Effect Art Show

You guys remember me inviting you to the Cause & Effect show. I had it booked in my planner and was excited to go. ( yes, I keep a planner , and it’s not digital )  I had a simple work shift of 4pm – 8pm  and I  was convinced that I would be ready to go and out the door by 7:59pm.

I was right on point .  it ended up being for no reason, because I got so lost in the train, which rarely happens to me. I was convinced I knew which way I had to go, since I had to catch the G train, which I NEVER take!

Anyway, I finally made it to GreenPoint by 9pm…

Perfect timing, show ends at 10pm I can chill out for an hour and enjoy the view.  As soon as I got out the train station I typed in the address in the gps on my phone.

Yes, it was only four blocks, away… but why risk making a wrong turn? Smartphones are overrated I swear. ( and no that doesn’t mean a dumb person owns one , ,even though me getting lost  in the train is not really a good example for you guys to believe me )

Well, on to tonight.  I arrived and I quickly make my way to Missy. I was so proud of her! After catching up for a few minutes I roamed the place to admire all the beautiful works, promising to come back to her.


I kept “oohing ” and ” aaaahing” everytime I turned the corner and saw a new piece.

They were so many great artists like KA, Vicky Pages, MTK, JD, UR and many many more.

But either than MRS and Vicky Pages, I have to say Sofia Maldonado absolutely blew me away. I loved her work!

Well, here’s a few more pics to end this post with.

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and Vicky Pages on his : 

Until next time.