Three to the Third Exponent

This is the face of a newly turned 27 year old. It's all happening so fast, at least the aging part. A huge part of me still feels like a teenager, except I have much more responsibilities that I'm accountable for, which is pretty damn annoying. On another note, I'm 3 years away from turning … Continue reading Three to the Third Exponent

Cuban Pianos for Tatiana

Ah, I remember when I first turned 21. I was actually on good terms with my  mother, and I decided to keep it low key. It was just me, her and the best friend with a day of dancing where my mother bought me my first "official" legal drink. A cranberry and vodka. Time goes … Continue reading Cuban Pianos for Tatiana

Captured by Belle: Princess Samara

I had the pleasure of shooting the most cutesy little princess by the name of Samara. She was officially turning 4 years old and her "Tangled" dress was to die for! Mom Annette went all out for her birthday party (read that post HERE) and I had a great time. I figured every princess looks … Continue reading Captured by Belle: Princess Samara