Jonahs Has a Ball

I haven’t seen my cousins in quite some time. Jonahs was turning two years old, and knowing Sasha and Ramgy, they were going to go in. Last year they had a cute sailors, aquatic theme, which was way too adorable. They dressed up as a sailors and were a huge hit. This time, everything was sports related, so when they came out with matching jersey’s everyone was giving out compliments back and forth.

Getting there for me was a bit of a mission though. I had a weekend bag with me, and I was also going to be picking up two kittens the next day, so taking two trains and a bus was such an inconvenience. Maybe I should finally get my act together and learn how to drive already. My gorgeous date was MaryAnn, since we usually get together on Wednesdays, we decide to make a flip and hang out on a weekend. She’s such  a trooper, especially since she came out so far just to hang out with little old me.

She was so excited when she got a taste of that cotton candy though!
This get together was a curl take down. I was so happy when I saw my cousins rocking their natural swirls. It’s a beautiful thing.

Jonahs was looking too cute  in his jersey , blue and white stripes and his tiny little fitted. Now that he’s getting a little older I see the resembles to Sasha so much more now. I find it so damn cute.If you know me at all, or even just an ounce of a bit, you know that whenever I hear music, I’m already up and dancing. When that Salsa started to play, I grab anybody and everybody and pulled them to the open space we called a dance floor.

When the little kid party was over, it was time for the adults to have a little fun. We headed to Sasha’s and Ramgy’s put the music on loud, served the drinks and got the hookah started. You know latinos, any chance for a party, is a great party.

Day Trip for the Birthday Babe

It’s the birthday boy’s big day and today was all about him. He finally figured out what he wanted to do, so we packed up our things, some more than others, and jumped in the car. I had the luxury of falling asleep in the back. My wake up call came from a huge sign  that read “Diner” oh, I was ready for some grub. The California turkey burger sounded delicious, and it definitely looked pretty. It was a little on the bland side, but let’s face it, when you’re starving everything tastes amazing.When we arrived at the hotel, we were a little disappointed that the shuttle bus service that was offered was no longer available. Thank goodness for Uber, it actually ended up being cheaper and we had more control of it. This has been my second time in a casino, but I didn’t have the balls to gamble quite yet. Chris was persistent on me “getting my feet wet”. I was so nervous. I started on the Wheel of Fortune and did pretty well for myself. Heeeeey!

The men were more focused on the machines, and I was getting frustrated because I like to understand what I’m doing instead of just pressing random buttons everywhere.

I was pretty entertained with a group of Dominican guys who were at a blackjack table, so when Chris jumped in, I was so hype….. and what made it even better, he won!

Go babe!
Our Uber ride back was popping, especially since I was playing dj. Our Uber driver had an ipad set up in the backseat, which was a pretty perfect touch. I started blasting all birthday songs back to back, and even the driver started getting excited with us. When we got back to the hotel we made one last toast to the birthday babe, because the next day, it was time to drive back., m

Elijah Turns 6

So many cousins, so many babies, so many birthdays, so much cake.

My cousin Ciara’s baby boy Elijah turned 6, and he’s such a cutie.

I was running a bit late, and I was kicking myself in the ass for it.  Luckily for me, I was one bus ride away that took forever to get to me,  but once on, I arrived pretty damn  quickly, thank goodness. I was so happy to see all of my primas, almost all of them had taken a vacation to Dominican Republic for the holidays, to go visit some more family. So I can in with bags of presents ready to give out that never made it to their possession from Christmas.

Ciara had the cutest desserts set up for everyone to devour,  my favorite was a white chocolate strawberry that was covered in sugar. I was a good girl though and only had one…but I wasn’t too good, because I had like 3 slices of pizza to match.

Almost all of cousins have babies, and it’s just 2 of us now, baby less… or at least I thought… my cousin Janneice is pregnant and I couldn’t be more excited for her and husband. That’s when the girls started to pick on me, saying I was the last one left… hey, by the time I have mine, all of theirs will be grown and babysitting my kid. haha

Hey with all these kids around me, I don’t need to be popping anything out just quite yet.

I kept busy throughout the night chasing the kiddies around and capturing some random moments. These kids are hilarious. Let me let you guys scroll these pics, I’ll be back soon, especially since I had to go meet Tanya right after this kiddie fest.