Pedal to the Point

One of those Sundays, you know, the ones you spend with family, and this time friends. Feels like I don’t do much anymore but work and spend time with blood. I’m not complaining though, I’ve missed out on a lot these past couple years. I feel like we finally get to be “us” again…naturally.

My brother Kiki has always been about speed, and in my head (and on my phone’s contact list) he’s known as speed demon. Whenever my sister Julissa sees that he’s taking one of his bikes out for a spin, she already has her snapchat open and a helmet on. Lokita.

This time my pops joined in and took a quick spin up and down the block as well….in chankletas!We all didn’t really feel like hanging out in the backyard today, so we decided to go a little bigger… the neighborhood’s backyard. Let me explain. There’s a point at the end of our neighborhood, that is solitude, with a beautiful view of the water, the Whitestone bridge and all the planes headed towards La Guardia on their way to land home safely.

I used to come here all the time when I was a kid, or should I say teenager. Every time I felt like I had no one to talk to, I would walk or take my bike and just ride. Sit upon the rocks and just think.Spending time with loved ones, that’s everything. Kiki got on his motorcycle with Jula holding on tight, Gio and friends drove, while I, for old times sake, grabbed a bike and pedaled my way over there, feeling the breeze hit my face.

Even though so many know about this point, to me it has always felt like my own little secret.We all sat and joked around. Luckily I, at least I think so, got a chance to sneak in some shots. You know me, carrying a camera everywhere that I go. That sky was looking great man. I’ve also been using my 50mm portraits lens and I’m trying so hard to get used to it. Not because it’s difficult, but because it challenges me to move around instead of being lazy and just zooming in. When I was finally getting into it, I noticed my battery was dying…womp womp. So I limited the usage of my camera until deemed necessary. Seemed to worked out just fine.
Fernando came to join us a bit later on to the night, and if you know Fernando, you know that means he didn’t come alone. His loyal girlfriend hookah, came to join in on the fun. And that we did, a few smokes and a beautiful view. What a, minxinx

Sister Sister

I arrived at my little brother’s place, ready to spend the day with my sister. I was needing a day like this so bad. My sister Julissa and I have always been very close when growing, but not that we both have so much going on and live in different boroughs, we don’t always have the time to hang out. Today was the best exception.

First of all I was starving, and she had mangu waiting for me. After being all stuffed, the little bro Jeremy received a package in the mail, his new professional xbox remote. I don’t play video games, so I didn’t really see the difference. But hey, if it makes him happy why not? He locked himself in his room right away, Kiki was trying to figure the damn thing out too.

I needed to get rid of everything I just ate, I have the habit of walking right after I eat. Jula wasn’t up to that, so bike riding it was. We headed to the point, where we used to bike ride all the time as kids. The view is still beautiful, it makes you forget about your troubles for just a split second.

When we got to back to the house, we were all exchanging apps. Trying to figure out what the next big thing is. Kiki introduced me to “Periscope” which I pretty much got the hang of, but I didn’t really find convinient, especially since everything is live and at the moment.

I was ready for some wine, like I usually am. I rode to the liquor store and some creepy old men where to trying to hit on me, I was disgusted. Who ever told these men that that’s okay? Go pick up your saggy balls off the floor old man.

Wine was served, I was making tostones and my father was on the grill. It’s been a very long time since we have all out hung out together and it not being a special occasion. The only one missing was my brother Lu. But hey, it happens… almost all of us are out of the house now. We’re all growing up. Making time though, that’s where it counts.

Bike and Brothers

photocatUntitledLove in it’s purest form. My brothers.

The Spring time keeps teasing us, especially since the cold doesn’t seem to fade. I wanted to take the little one to the Zoo today.

I say little, but Jeremy is taller than me now.

Since it was pretty late, the zoo was a no go,  so I decided a new bike and a milkshake was the place to go. Vanilla milkshakes are my weakness, and Jeremy loved his new bike so it was a win win.

Once  we got to the house my other brother Chris decided to join in on the fun, and the boys started to race. Jeremy is a little cheater and kept pushing Chris to the side of the curb.

Boys will be Boys.

Check out a few pics from our day.

♥, MIMG_4464 IMG_4471 IMG_4476 IMG_4492 IMG_4493 IMG_4494 IMG_4501 IMG_4519 IMG_4547 IMG_4549IMG_5685 IMG_3282