Ringlets of Hell

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Big hurrrr

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My curls have been acting pretty funny lately. The last two times I’ve washed it, it’s been looking like I was playing with an electrical socket. So dry and brittle, disgusting, This video is on a good day. I turned to Twitter and asked my curly haired followers for assistance. The responses were amazing! I had so many gorgeous ladies giving me tips. I just purchased the one n only hair mask, and so far, I’m loving it.
My ringlets are coming back to life.
Here are some other curly friendly products that were mentioned, that I must try:

So if you’re anything like me, and need to start giving your locks some special attention, you can thank these ladies for the help.

Krystal, Anthin4Salinas, BeardEnthusiastJennifer, Yesikins.
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Girls With Curls

I haven’t seen Tanya in almost forever…okay, a couple of months, but that’s still pretty long. We decided to meet in Roosevelt Island, I think I’ve probably been there once on a school field trip when younger. We stayed close and tried not to roam too much, last thing we needed was to get lost especially since we were on a time budget.

The breeze was strong and our curls were flowing.

I loved catching up, I can’t wait until our next date.