Captured by Belle: Coney w Kat

1Grumpy cat has nothing on me. Lately I’ve been feeling shitty and one person who always bring a smile to my face is Kat… with her ratchness and snarky comments, hahaha. ( love you boo, I know she;s gonna read this and crack up at that  comment)

I wanted to get some shots of her roaming the beach, it just happened that she looked like beetlejuice doing it.

Shit, I love me so me beetlejuice!

Even though it was pretty chilly out and our toes were all stiff , the wind was definitely working in our favor.

After stuffing our faces with Mcdonald’s (which I   know i shouldn’t be doing!)

We headed our seperate ways, catching up on all that’s going on.

I actually liked how these pictures of her came our, she looks naturally beautiful, freckles and all.

Ignore the pictures of me…moving on!

Ps. the apple pies of mickey d;s are not longer 2 for 1. Shame on you!
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