Makeup Haul with Mary Ann

I love me some MaryAnn!

We’ve been making plans for some time now, and they never seem to come through. Life I guess. This time, we were finally following through. Mary Ann met me at the bar, where we exchanged about 8 hugs in a row. I really did her miss her, we had so much to talk about, I love it when we get together and this time it was no different.

We wanted to go somewhere fun and decided on a strip club. We were trying to beat the cover charge and we only had about 18 minutes to get there… we were 22 minutes away. We ran so fast and managed to get there 3 minutes late, no strip club for us. We rather spend the money throwing it at the girls instead of having to pay to get in. So we rescheduled that notion, headed to get some grub instead.

We split a bowl of Chipotle, pretty glad I did too, because I would have been so full this time around with so much food, and I think everyone knows how much I love food. Those beers filled me up, that’s what it was.We passed by a Duane Reade where I was telling M, that I wasted like 15 bucks during my lunch break just stacking up on makeup that I know I do not need. Wet and Wild was having a huge buy one get one 50% off, and I love me some Wet & Wild makeup. They’re super affordable and work amazingly. I stacked up on some matted lippies, a setting spray, a matte powder, a couple of eye liners and gel nailpolish. We walked in and it was googly eyes all over they’re section of the store. I ended up spending like $20 more. Ugggh, the temptation.

M and I have it official, we need to spend more time together. Every Wednesday will be our date night, and I can’t wait to see all the things we come up with.

Oh, let me tell you though, that nailpolish though… I need to go back for more colors.

It’s Pretty Obvious, I’m Not Irish

Who the hell drinks at 8am? This is how my conversation started with the bartender at Blarneys.

Fred invited me out for a drink, and though it’s pretty obvious that I’m not Irish I was willing to go have a little fun. I’ve been trying to restrict  my drinking lately, so I assured him that getting wasted was not on my agenda. I was actually hoping I would get to witness others in their belligerent state, so I can photograph them. Is that cold hearted?

I’ve actually never gone out on the bar crawls for St. Patrick’s Day, but I knew I was in for a treat. We met up around at 1pm, especially because I insisted that my liver couldn’t handle anything at 10am. So crazy. He came along with his niece, who is a complete sweetheart, she’s not much of a beer drinker and was the only one slurping on a green cocktail, while Fred and I downed a pitcher of colored beer.Unless it’s olive, I personally don’t own anything green, so getting ready was a bit of a struggle for me. Luckily enough, I found m y comfy flannel that I’ve had for years, and when I say years I mean years. I originally purchased it off the men’s section in a much too large size, because it looks so damn comfortable. I was right, it’s been pajamas and everything else in between. This time I decided to wear it around my waist, I lined my eyes with green eye liner and threw on a chunky green necklace I think I’ve worn once. While walking the streets to our next destination, the pavements are already getting crowded, almost everyone is participating, beads around their necks and funky hats in green. We noticed a pair of fellas all dressed up in almost Harajuku style*, they looked so damn cute!

We were all offered complimentary drinks at our next spot, and who doesn’t love anything that’s free… that’s my favorite number!

After another beer it was time for me to head over to the Bronx, I was getting messages for me to come back to the bar, but I’m not about that life anymore!


*I almost  busted my ass trying to snap a picture of these two!

Science Project at Sweet Science

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxWhen I say something, I get it done. i told you guys I was going to start going to more artshows and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I decided to drag Chris with me, on a last minute notice, after a few beers. We headed to Sweet Science where I got to see the works of longtime friend Yes One, the infamous Shiro, and a lovely artist by Vik NYC that I haven’t seen in years. Last time was about almost 8 years ago, so it was nice to touch base and catch up quickly. It’s crazy how fast time goes by, and that only made me realize how long it has been since I started my love for attending art galleries. I love to network with artists and just be surrounded by those with a creative eye, or even those who appreciate it.

I got to meet the sweetest event manager by Nikki, and if all goes well, maybe we’ll work together in the future (fingers crossed). After Chris ordered us some beers, Yes One and I caught up, roamed the lounge to see all the works, which were fabulous by the way, I got into action as well.

When bumping in to OldNYC76, Crooklyn and Millie, it was jokes all around, and it didn’t take me long to get in on the drawing action. I started hitting blackbooks, model trains and maps in no time. Damn, I sure missed that!

Links:   Sweet Science  |  Yes One  |  Shiro  |  Vik NYC  |  Oldnyc76  |  Crooklyn   | Millie  |

kiss kiss

Blue Ribbons


Beer In The Sun

It was one of those last minute, what should I do today, kind of days. The beach won by a landslide, especially because I haven’t been an active visitor this summer and the sun was just beaming. Not having a bathing suit didn’t stop me, I was just grateful I had on a cute bra today… hell, I was grateful I was even wearing one today!

I left my little mini skirt on, it was perfect for a windy day such as today. Chris packed the cooler with a few beers and some juice. The juice was the only thing that made it back to the house. It was a nice relaxing day, and even though I’m not much a tanning person (sunblock is my everyday routine), I decided why not, and not that I was looking for sun, but it surely found me.

After rolling around in sand and making a few bootleg castles most of the morning, it was time for part two of my day. There’s this brewery in the Bronx that lets you taste the beer they brew right in the back. I’ve learned that I’m more of light beer drinker when it comes to craft, so I ended ordering one by the name of G.H. Gold.

According to the brewery they describe it: With the generous use of Mt. Hood hops, this golden ale was brewed to refresh. The soft aroma of bread and spice, smooth texture and noble-hop flavors make it an ideal “session ale” for any beer lover.

I was sold, and so were my taste buds.

In the words of Ice-Cube, ” Today was a good day.”

Cinco de Mayo

Three different places to go, and since one of these was last minute, as much as I tried, I couldn’t make one of the get togethers. I know everyone I know was excited and going crazy with Cinco de Mayo…. let me re-phrase that, I know everyone was going crazy with how much they would be drinking tonight. Oh, all the hangovers that would be happening in the morning!

First stop:

Ari and I arrived, early… stuffed our faces with all the Dominicn food, pernil, chicken, lasagna, baked ziti, ensalada de costilla, arroz amarillo, ensalada de papa, oooooo… my spanish came out! excuuuuuse me! It was absolutely delicious, we grabbed a few beers while we watched everyone arrive.

Look at how cute the cake is… I was so pleased with all the primary colors and her carnival theme. No baby blue, which is so ordinary and boring. Glenny’s lateness was well worth it , because she looked fabulous! She’s definitely ready to pop!

         I spent my of my time acting a fool and in catching up conversations with these two gorgeous ladies, Ilani and Jen. I also got to meet the handsome Angel, who we are constantly liking each other’s pictures on instagram =]

 And of course, the love of my life, my little brother Jeremy. He is getting too big way too fast. He looked so polished in his collared shirts and slacks. After about 8 beers and stuffing myself with gummy bears, m&m’s and twizzlers, Ari and I headed out.

Second Stop:

The High School Crew, every get together is always a good one, always a drunk one, always a story to tell.

 This fiesta was a celebration for my very talented friend Ramon. He’ll be moving to Chi town with a new job ! I’m so proud of you!

As soon as I walk in , about 7 people not including myself are  stuffed into the bathroom, while Chris is running a bubble bath.hahahaha I know… But wait, there’s more… As soon as someone knocks on the door to use the bathroom, none of us leave, we all turn around while the person uses the toilet. I hope no one has stage fright!

My outfit, hope you guys like.