J.Cole at The Barclay’s

I surprised Katt for her 30th birthday with J.Cole tickets. We spent the hour before the concert started looking for food and drinks. And let me tell you, I may be late to the party, but Artichoke pizza is heaven sent.

Whenever  I go to concerts, I almost always like to go to the ones that have a range of artists. I was a little skeptical at first, but omg.. J.Cole killed it. I’ve always admired his lyrics, but watching him put his heart into it, just made me fond over him some more. Katt kept making fun of me since I was crushing so damn hard.

Soulfrito 2017

Just because you’re sitting far, it doesn’t mean you can’t get decent shots. The Soulfrito Music Festival at Barclay’s Center was jam packed with amazing artists like French Montana, Fetty Wap, Farruko, Young M.A., Bad Bunny, Cardi B, G- Unit, Ivy Queen and many many more. I was trying to hard to find a balance between photographing, and dancing the whole night. What a blast!

Nets vs Pelicans

Surprised Chris with tickets to a basketball game at the Barclays Center

I have never been to one, and even though I’m not the biggest basketball fan, I can actually sit there and enjoy myself. We met at a bar and grabbed some beers, and made it right on time for the second quarter. We stocked up on more beer and some grub, when we finally got to our seats we noticed The Pelicans were kicking The Nets ass.

I think I was ore excited for actually seeing “The Kiss Cam” for the first time, hahaha.. I always see them on tv and think they’re the cutest thing.

And no,  I wasn’t on it..booo hooo..