Of course I want to wish all of you a very pleasant Easter. I know it’s been a little over a month that I haven’t posted any work, and here I am to explain why. I have two art shows coming up this month.
So just because I’m not posting up work, it doesn’t mean I have been busting my butt painting. As soon as I get more details about these shows, of course I will be letting you know. But enough about that, Here’s a little something something for you guys, in the mean time. Happy Easter my lovelies.

RSVP Due and Gift Idea

As you all know I’m celebrating my birthday the 23rd. ( invitation here ) . RSVP’s are due today as you can see on the invitation. Don’t be shy, really. Send me an email with your name. A head count is needed . I need to able to see how big the rental space should be.
So please email : 2minxinx@gmail.com

Also, I’ve been getting asked what I would like, presents wise. Though I’m not asking for anything, that’s never my style because your presence is more than I could want.
If you feel you still would want to get me a gift I’ll keep it simple for you guys.
I love my art, and from the response I get from you guys, it looks like you guys enjoy it as well.
Materials are very expensive. So if you would like to get me a gift, all I want is canvases.
Yes, canvases, studio canvases to be exact. Any sizes, tiny, small, large, you guys get the main picture.
That’s all I really want and need. I’m not a high maintenance kind of girl.

Which you can find in any art store like Blicks, Pearl Paint, Michael’s. i’ll be waiting for your emails and I’ll see you guys soon.