Student Converts School Bus into Mobile Home and Drives Around Country

For his final project, graduate architecture student Hank Butitta bought an old school bus on Craigslist for $3,000. 15 weeks and $6,000 of improvements later, Hank and his two friends were ready to embark on a 5,000 mile (8,046 km) journey across the United States.

The 225 sq. ft mobile home features reclaimed gym flooring and dimmable LED lighting. Using the 28 inch wide windows as a modular guide (the aisle is also 28 in. wide), the bus is divided into four primary zones: bathroom, kitchen, seating, and sleeping. The space can be configured in a variety of combinations, depending on need.

At 10 miles per gallon, the school bus is not the most efficient vehicle, but it’s an unforgettable way to travel and one that is sure to bring Hank and the team experiences for a lifetime. Below you will find images of the bus and additional information on the design.

For all additional details, be sure to check out to track their journey, donate and stay in touch with the crew.

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school bus conversion hank (1)


school bus conversion hank (9)


school bus conversion hank (11)


school bus conversion hank (10)


school bus conversion hank (26)


Envisioned with a nod to the tiny house movement, the project was a way to show how building a small structure with simple detailing can be more valuable than drawing a complex project that is theoretical and poorly understood.

The primary goals during the design phase was to develop a living space in 225 sq ft that was as open and unrestricted as possible. To accomplish this, Hank set self-imposed guidelines that eliminated any furniture or structure above the bottom edge of the window. This allows the space to remain continuous, and maintains clear sight-lines from one end of the space to the other, even while seated.


school bus conversion hank (1)


school bus conversion hank (2)


school bus conversion hank (15)


school bus conversion hank (8)


school bus conversion hank (5)

In order to help remove the inhabitant from the reminders and connotations of its former life as a school bus, entry into the space is reoriented to the rear. Upon entering the space, the occupant first encounters the bathroom. In this zone, one side of the aisle is walled off to enclose the toilet.


school bus conversion hank (12)


school bus conversion hank (19)


school bus conversion hank (17)


school bus conversion hank (20)


school bus conversion hank (25)

The kitchen occupies two window bays and currently features a foot-pump sink as its only true utility. There are plans for one of the bays to become a chest fridge, and for a gas cooktop to be installed, but for now they are surviving using a cooler and a portable propane stove.


school bus conversion hank (2)


school bus conversion hank (3)


school bus conversion hank (14)


school bus conversion hank (6)


school bus conversion hank (16)

The seating space is the most versatile. It occupies four bays so is also the largest. In its neutral state, the zone features four large seats on either side of the aisle. The two seats nearest the kitchen occupy the space over the wheel wells so they have no storage underneath. The faces of these seats fold out into the aisle to create a platform that can be covered with neighboring cushions to create a queen-sized sleeping area.

The next seat down on either side of the aisle can be raised or lowered to create a table surface for eating or working. This allows for up to four people to have table space without having to climb over each other. The final seat features a large lockable storage bay underneath. The flexibility of this zone allows it to accommodate a large number of conditions and situations.


school bus conversion hank (22)


school bus conversion hank (23)


school bus conversion hank (24)


school bus conversion hank (4)


school bus conversion hank (7)


school bus conversion hank (18)

Original article from Twisted Sifter.



Once in a while you’ve got to do something to attract a bit of attention towards the fact that more space is always needed. Let me explain… I have painted and am still working on so many new projects that are I’m running out of space of where to put them all.

Soooooooo I’m officially having a

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My paintings usually vary from anywhere to $75 to $600, so far, depending on the size and material.

Now you have a chance to have your own for 75% off.

Damn, that’s a lot!

(maybe I should rethink this)

Before I change my mind on this crazy notion…


Please Email me as soon as possible. First come, first serve. OBO

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So, last but not least here are the pieces for sale:


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I accept Paypal, Chase QuickPay, and old fashioned Cash.
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Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

Never Made Its

Never Made Its

Those pictures that have never made it to a post of their own.

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32d2cc7aed5a11e2a94522000a1fbc56_7Being creepy at work. Mondays.

3Picking up the booski.ac2208ece02211e2a39f22000aa8011e_7 Working hard or hardly working.4Kat being silly with her colorful ass scarf.5On my way to a quick shopping adventure with Kat in Brooklyn.

a5aa933cea7511e2967b22000aa80146_7 Quick train sketches.


Starting the weekend on a Wednesday. Gimme food
6My godson Zj got to spend the day at the office, and of course he had some fun in the process.7Zj  being a boss at Kat’s desk.36a590c2d47211e29c4222000a9e071d_7Selfies while I wait for the train.8 Listening to a lecture from the wise Cornel West at Q’s family church.6bb1ac24e6b511e286a022000a9e06e7_7Spike Hill bar in Williamsburg. Body art painting by me.

5c0b8eaae25c11e2bd6322000a1fa42a_7Squishy face,

Working on adding stripes to a shelf in my bedroom.719effc6e99211e2bd8822000a9d0df8_7Hawaiian for a day.de5da290e96311e288bf22000a9f13cb_7Train sketches.10Zj at my desk.


Dos XX. Chalk Drawings. Evil Eyes.


Kat surprising me at work with her self made bouquet. ed77b948e4f711e2b21622000ae80030_7fourth of July.2ff28eb0d92c11e29b7122000a1f9a64_7Sending Thank you letters to those special people who purchased paintings at my show. You are appreciated.


Painting. Minxette stickers. (email me if you want me to mail you some)2b7feef6d13711e2a62a22000aa803cb_7But you still think I’m beautiful though.

63aa2c4ae9ad11e29deb22000a1f9355_7Quick Train sketches


New Artwork- Muneca Morbido

New Artwork

 ♥Muñeca Morbido ♥


Here’s another new piece titled, Muñeca Morbido which is Spanish for Morbid Mannequin.  This is one of the first pieces of the series that I did. 2

I like the fact that she came out looking as if she was in a fun house. But I have to admit, this one is not my favorite. Usually once I start a series the first canvas would come out looking pretty cool, but just like when you throw a ball for the first time since a long time, your next pitches are always better.3

I wanted the background to be cooky, but not too much , and definitely dark.

I wanted this girl to be perceived as a show piece. Everyone wants her, she’s beautiful, but when no one is looking she’s so unhappy depressed as ever.

And even worse no one around that would even care, because as long as you sit there looking pretty as the world wants you to be, shown off.. nothing else matters.4

Sometimes I like to show you guys the process so here are some  close ups:5

This piece is currently for sale

on a 16×20 in studio canvas.

Please feel free to email me at if you are interested in giving this Minxette a home.7The final product:

8Until next time guys, I hope you liked!


Never Made Its

current paintingOne of the newest canvases I have painted.

This was one of those “in progress” shots I took. This canvas is official done, but ya won’t see it yet! (teasing)

Come to my show on June 6th to see it!

philartisteA new “mini you” that I worked on for one of my best buds Philartiste who was celebrating a birthday.


This is basically the story of my life.

selfieJust a quick selfie.

stickersStickers of my logo.. I’ll be giving/selling them soon, so stay posted!

9-5 I have no idea why I’m holding my boobs but I do know why I have paint  in my fingers.
Is it 5 yet?

backgroundsPainting backgrounds on canvases


My pussy Vandal. ehehehe

Pina Coladas wit Kat and Marlene at Coney Island after work.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

New Artwork: Brutal


brutalnew artworkbrutal

Work This City Backyard Edition with Jaga

Work This City Backyard Edition with Jaga


It was a long day. I had just left work which is shy about 20 minutes from Coney Island, hopped on the train and headed to the other side of the MTA map.

Gunhill in the Bronx to be exact.

the light hitting Q

I asked my loverboy Q to join me and watch, especially since he’s never really had the chance to observe me paint.

Let alone something that wasn’t a canvas.


I’m sure you all know who Misha is, ( especially if you keep up with my blog ) Misha is my bestfriend and photographer, and lately her current projects have included working with Derrick Clarke in making music videos. Now, she’s currently working on something a little different with video director Steve.


I haven’t painted , excuse me spray painted inthe longest time. It was actually when I painted next to Jasmine’s mural. Almost two years in June.

Not only was I excited, I was a little nervous.

shootingI know I was rusty… let’s just hope I dont’ mess up, especially while it’s being recorded,

mewhile i paintpainting processOf course I gave her some purple and orange hair.

dropping it lowj at workJaga hard at work.

workingone of my favorite picturesI think this one is one of my favorite shots..go Q!

and this oneQ is definitely not a photographer, so I was giving him a few pointers to catch the shot in the best way possible.

Like this one for instance, I told him to get all the way on the floor and capture the shot with the cans peeking through.

He got it just right.

QGood job.

workfull wallThe full wall, while we finish the small details.

Jaga and I

J and I

Q and I

Q and I


Of course I had to get a shot of her sleeve. I added an old school ribbon with Jasmine’s name.

full wall

I hope you guys stay tuned to what’s coming ahead this summer.

Thank you and misha