Photography: My Funny Little Valentine

Hey guys,
I’m a little late to the party. Seems like I’ve been doing that a lot lately. But a few weeks back, I took out my dusty camera and snapped some photos of my adorable baby niece Harlie. She’s growing up so quickly, can you believe she’s walking already?
Alright, I’ll stop my proud aunt rant here.
I grabbed a few rose petals, and this was the outcome!
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New Illustration: Alexis on a Lazy Sunday

𝓣𝓪-𝓓𝓪𝓱❗ —— A new illustration, finally!
I love this drawing, I brightened things up this time around.  I had some trouble on decided what color scheme I wanted to go with. So I had you guys vote on instagram if you wanted a red or yellow sweater, and yellow was the winner! Thanks for voting guys, great choice!

I’m also getting my act together and am finally going to start promoting my shop, because  my bills don’t pay themselves.
Support your local artists folks….. (Whispers: please)

Go visit the shop below, and buy yourself something new…
you deserve it!✨𝒯ℴℴ𝒹𝓁ℯ𝓈, ℳ


Photography: Brianna & Christopher

I had the pleasure of shooting one of my brother’s friends wedding party. Cristopher and Brianna eloped in November, and now was the time to celebrate with family and friends. This was the first time I met Brianna, and she was so sweet, I can see why Chris was so smitten and decided to make her his wife. The pictures above are some of my favorites from the wedding.
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Many blessings to the new couple, may your marriage be blessed with unconditional love.
♥, M

Illustration: Gatsby Attire

Better late than never right?
First week of 2018 was a bit hectic to say the least. First that neighborhood fire, and then a health reality check kicked in. It’s time to start paying attention to things that matter. I’m always so focused on what I’m creating next sometimes I forget to stop and take care of me first.
This one took me longer than expected, and even though I don’t like how long it took, that’s just the way it’s going to have to be.
My new year’s dress that I didn’t get to show off too much.
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Create A Little



I almost went into panic mode last night.  I couldn’t remember where I left my ipad, and I think I was more worried about the piece that I didn’t get to finish than the actual device. Who am I kidding? That thing is pricey, and I don’t feel like shelling out another $700 to get another one.  Twenty minutes later, after I looked through all my drawers and purses, and shed a mini tear, I remembered the backpack I stuffed it into. Thank goodness.
On another note, my space is finally starting to look like me. I’m so excited!
This place was a huge mess, and now my little living room is the perfect blend of makeup station, mini bar, hang out and watch TV and my art corner. All my paints, brushes and markers are organized in these cute little dresser. (I’ll share pics soon) Maybe I’ll finally be motivated to paint on canvas. Get my act together and such!