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Twitter: @millistephania
Personal & Illustration Instagram: @millistephania
Photography Instagram: @millistephaniaphotography
Path: Minxinx
LinkedIn: Minx Inx

Want your own Minxette canvas, a tattoo sketch? Maybe a t-shirt, iphone case or your own prints to frame? When ordering, since they’re always up for sale on the “Minx Shop” ,go take a look!
If for some reason you want your own custom made version. I make things very simple for you.
-Email me at with ORDER as the subject.
-Please let me know what you’re looking for.
*Do you want it to resemble you? Include a picture of you.
*Do you want her doing a certain activity?
Ex. doing her makeup, playing sports, cooking, etc
-If it’s a canvas, what size are you looking for?
I would respond with a final set price. A deposit of 25% of that price is needed, which is non- refundable.
So, if for example the final price is $100. Your deposit will be $25. Once the painting is finished the remaining balance you would have to pay is $75.
I can also ship your purchase for an extra $15.
-Also if you would like to be featured on the site with your new order, please take pictures of it hanging, the final result of your tattoo etc with you in the picture of course and send it over!!!! I would love to post it up !

With 200,700 views and growing, Advertising on this page is made easily!
If you would love to place an ad of your site on mine, please email me at for quotes with ADVERTISING as the subject.

As much as I love producing new work for you guys, materials are quite expensive. If you would love to help for funds, I would greatly appreciate any amount given.
Just simply click on the yellow donate button on the let side bar or just click here.
Materials such as canvases, paint, brushes, markers will be purchased.
Like I mentioned before ANY amount is greatly appreciated, anything from $1 to $10000000000….. haha kidding…or am I !?

Photographer  for hire. If you would like to book me for any event or project
Please email me ( ) at least 3 weeks before the event date with HIRE as the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are available for you below:
If your question is not available, please feel free to email me at with QUESTION as the subject. I will be more than happy to answer.

Q. What kind of items can I purchase from you?

I have many items that are for sale like:

  • Artwork done on Studio Canvases
  • Artwork done on Wooden Panels
  • Artwork on T- Shirts
  • Artwork on Buttons
  • Artwork on Keychains
  • Artwork on Stickers
  • Artwork on Iphone Cases

Q. How can I see your full portfolio?

You can clink the link PORTFOLIO to view my full portfolio.

Q. How can I purchase an item from you?

A. You can always go to my SHOP or better yet,  email me at for custom orders

Q. What is a custom order?

A. Instead of buying from the shop, mainly because it could be a little better, I suggest custom ordering your own piece. It gives you the choice to have an input on these criterias :

  • Skin Tone Color
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Style
  • Hair Texture
  • Clothing
  • Nudity
  • Background Environment
  • Pose
  • and many more

Q. What are your prices for a studio canvas?

A. Studio canvases are my best sellers! Prices vary, the bigger the canvas the more expensive. Prices vary from $40 and up. For example:

Size ( in inches ) and Estimated Price ( in US Dollars )

  • 4″ x 4″ – $30
  • 8″ x 8″ – $50
  • 10″ x 10″ – $70
  • 11″ x 14″- $80
  • 12″ x 12″-  $90
  • 12″x 24″ – $100
  • 10″ x 30″ – $150
  • 12″ x 36″ – $200
  • 16″x 20″ – $200
  • 10″x 30″ – $200
  • 22″x 28″ – $275
  • 24″x 30″ – $300
  • 24″ x 36″ – $350
  • 30″ x 30″- $375
  • 30″ x 40″- $450

These are estimate averaged prices. There are many more canvas sizes to be listed, please email me ( )  for an exact quote

Q. Do I need to deposit any money before I receive my canvas?

A. Yes. A 25% of the total price given ( non- refundable )  deposit is needed so supplies can be purchased.

Q. Do I get to see the painting before I make a payment?

A. While the piece is being painted, you are entitled to three previews. Not a final picture of the work. Final pictures are ONLY sent when a full payment is made.

Q. How can I pay for the deposit and/or final payment?

A. There are two ways to pay, which would be described in full detail. In person and by credit/debit card.

  • In Person  :

Many people like to meet the artist responsible for the canvas that will be hung up on their home, and that’s possible. Artist only travels  in the NYC area for orders that are $100 and greater.

  • By Credit/Debit card: 

On the Home page, Left hand side there is a yellow button ( Yes, I’m Paypal verified! ) that reads ” Donations ” . Enter the respective amount and fill out the form mentioned.

Q. What kind of cards do you accept?

A.  Cards that are accepted are :

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card

Q. How long do I have to wait for my painting to be finished?

A. Orders can always be back tracked, since the artist only has two hands. Time of completion can vary anywhere from 5 days- 3 months.

Q.What if I’m not satisfied with the end result of my painting, can I get my money back?

If you are not satisfied with the end result of your painting, fixing it is a must.  If that fails,  a new canvas will be started for you, no extra charge. Upon returning the 1st canvas. A satisfied customer is a happy customer. If for some reason you are still not happy with the end result, which is doubted… you can ONLY receive 50% of the payment made. 100% refunds are never available. Sorry.

Q. What if I’m not able to pick up or meet up with the artist for an exchange of the canvas. Is shipping an option?

A. Shipping your piece is always available for an extra small fee. The larger the canvas the greater the  fee. The maximum fee is no greater than $30. Prices depend on weight.

Q. I want to get body painted, how do I go about doing that?

Email me at with the Subject: Body art

Please include a head to toe picture and ideas for your shoot. I will respond with details and a price.

Q. I want you to design a tattoo for me, can you do that?

Of course! Let me know what you have in mind. I would love to draw something up for you. Prices depend on detail and size and will be discussed through email. Subject;Tattoo

Q. My question is not posted on here, what do I do?

A. Please feel free to email me at if you  have any questions, suggestions or simply just want to say hello.

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