Photography: Jeremy’s Senior Portraits

Someone's graduating in 4 days and I couldn't be prouder! He's too cool to get excited and keeps shrugging it off, but that's alright because I'm ecstatic for him. My baby brother is semi- adulting right now, and I'm so blessed to have such a responsible and charasmatic young adult around me. Not many get … Continue reading Photography: Jeremy’s Senior Portraits

Photography: Ivana Noble

Another successful session, this time with the lovely Ivana Noble. She did absolutely great, and this shoot hit a new record for me, as it being the quickest and most effortless partnership to date. We met up, Ivana didn't need much direction, and 30 minutes later turned to "it was so nice working with you" … Continue reading Photography: Ivana Noble

Photography: Alexis & Jamal Have a Babyshower

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing such a special moment for Alexis and Jamal. After many moons together, and being recently married it was time for the newest chapter in their lives. It's time to celebrate a new life, Aurora Simone. Their family was so inviting and full of smiles, making my job … Continue reading Photography: Alexis & Jamal Have a Babyshower

Photography: Mommy & Amaury

Capture all the memories. Yes, I'm the aunt running around with a camera, trying to make sure I catch it all. These kids are growing so fast, and it's my job to make sure we never forget the little fingers, the innocent smiles, and the adorable little dimples. Since Amaury will be turning one soon, … Continue reading Photography: Mommy & Amaury

Photography: Love from Atlanta

This weekend I was commissioned for a last minute gig... I mean like super last minute. I packed up my bag and ran out the door. This lovely couple came to NYC from Atlanta, and that's all I knew beforehand. When I arrived, Darnell and Z were waiting for me inside a gorgeous Rolls Royce. … Continue reading Photography: Love from Atlanta