Photography: Brianna & Christopher

I had the pleasure of shooting one of my brother’s friends wedding party. Cristopher and Brianna eloped in November, and now was the time to celebrate with family and friends. This was the first time I met Brianna, and she was so sweet, I can see why Chris was so smitten and decided to make her his wife. The pictures above are some of my favorites from the wedding.
Many blessings to the new couple, may your marriage be blessed with unconditional love.
♥, M

London 2017: Who’s Scamming Who?

Who’s the hottest in the world right now? Just touched down in London town, bet they give me a pound. Tell them put the money in my hand right now.

Told you guys, I have a lot of catching up to do. In the past, I would usually break my travel posts in a per day kinda thing… yeah, this isn’t happening this time. I have way too much to catch you guys up on and I don’t plan on dragging it out.
Last time I was in London, it was a blur. (Read that HERE) We  were only there for about 5 hours or so on a layover. We headed to the famous Parliament, and rushed right back to the airport. We were troopers.
This time around, there was still plenty of walking to do, except I had more time to explore. On our first day we had the best plate of Steak & Frites with mushroom sauce. We walked towards Mayfair, where all the shopping is done. Pull & Bear was one of the stops I told myself I was going to walk into. When I was in Madrid and walked into the store, I wanted to buy everything. When I tried to find a store in the states, I failed. Most of their stores are out of the country. So I knew I had to find it. The rain didn’t stop us of roaming around, and I ended p walking away with a cute black faded jean jacket for only 17 pounds. Win!

On day two, I had my mind set on catching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, but who’s really getting  up early in the morning when they’re on vacation? —Not I.
We walked about 3 miles to The British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben & The House of Parliament, and The Palace of Westminster.
We missed the London Eye by 14 minutes, how disappointing. There was a couple re-selling their tickets for the next day.  They stopped us to ask if we were interested, but naturally as New Yorkers, we were ready to hustle. Can you believe, they wanted the same price they paid for their ticket!?
We walked away, and after a few moments they returned, and we got just the number we were looking for. Now all I was worried about is if they actually worked or not. I guess we were going to find out the next day.

Day three was a day I slept in until 2pm…. I was not with it. All the walking we did the day before. I felt like my feet were on fire. Today’s main goal was finding out if we got scammed or not. We made our way back to The London Eye, and I gotta say, we’re getting much confident taking the underground everywhere. I guess their subway map isn’t that complicated, but I guess compared to New York City’s every other map is simplified.

We made our line to enter Coca Cola’s infamous London eye. I wasn’t panicking, let’s get this straight, but I was worried this ticket wasn’t going to work. According to the couple, yesterday was their last day in the UK, and since they also missed the eye, the voucher will go to waste. Sounds like the ultimate scam right? Well I wasn’t getting got. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Whew! — see, not panicked. The eye was a success, and now I kinda feel bad for being kinda mean to the couple. Well, I wasn’t really mean.. but my personality is  genuinely pretty assertive… mix that in with talking about money— I’m about that paper. Today was our last day to get to wander around and catch anything we thought might have been important to not miss.

Phil was in charge of day three’s itinerary. I’m pretty sure I annoyed him with all of my OCD planning on my day. I look every detail up from addresses, directions, timing, what else is around there, where can we go to eat after- things like that. Yeah, Phil’s not like that, we were winging it.

Once it was dark, it was time to dance. We wanted to hit up a club and just move. Well, I wanted to move more than he did and that I did.
But wait… Due to Phil’s lack of research, we took the underground for about 45 minutes into the direction we thought Fabric was. A club with a crazy type of party vibe, when we arrived, the doors were closed. That’s when he decides to use the ever so handy “Google” to find out that on this weekday, the club is closed. —-amazing.

I was already pouting because in my head all I can think was “this could have been avoided, if you checked this before we left”. But instead I sucked it up, and noticed that right next door was another spot that was playing all kinds of music, so we walked right in. This was more of your corporate after work “let’s go get a beer” kinda place turned wild. In Smith’s SOS Bar, I saw all kinds of weird dancing, that I couldn’t figure out how it even matched with the music, but to each their own. I ordered my cocktail while Phil went out for a smoke that lasted too long.

Everyone was so friendly and in good spirits and it didn’t take long for me to make some friends. When leaving, the coat check lady told me that I was the only one in here that knew how to dance, so that pretty much made my night.

Now it’s time to make my morning, and I’m pretty sure you guys know where I’m headed next—–Rome,Italy!

Ps. You know I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t include an OOTD illustration:

Louis Louis

“Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada, Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.”

My mother had the most gorgeous collection of Louis Vuitton bags. When I was younger I used to hope that one day they will be mine. Who am I kidding I used to borrow them all the time and never give them back. In high school I will show up & strut down the hallways like I was hot shit, knowing damn well I couldn’t afford that.
So here I am today, I wear no name brands, hell, it’s hard for me to even match anymore. Give me basic clothing and I’ll go on with my day. But that doesn’t mean I can’t admire from afar. (My wallet agrees that I should look from far too)

The Louis Vuitton exhibit is taking place until January and it’s free, so if you haven’t gone yet,  there’s no excuse not to go. Just don’t forget to RSVP before you go, since they scan tickets upon entry.
Today’s outing was nice little adventure after  work. I met up with Phil and Kat and walked right in (after I stuffed my face with a deep dish pizza from the corner shop, that I do not recommend).
I knew I wanted to take a lot of pictures today and thought I would have more to work  with, especially since Phil’s such a fanatic with his luxurious eye for brands. In London he arrived with a bright yellow duffel with LV print that was absolutely gorgeous. –Guess who decided to arrive wearing a Fendi hat instead? — Really Phil!?
I shifted my focus on the pieces that were being showcased instead. The first floor started off with the history and timeline of Louis.
We saw his early works of canvas and his trunks that were made of wood. The cute little old school cars with his name that will transfer all the luggage. My favorite thing was guessing who’s luggage belonged to who depending on its contents.
The higher up the floor, the more modern the pieces became.
If you find yourself in the city and looking for something to do, go enjoy some fashion history. Here are a few pics I snapped of our tour.

Cuba: So Not Ready

Worst sleep of my life. This pain is annoying and uncomfortable. Instead of going to the beach, the girls opted to go to the Malecon again. They worked out, got a tan, while I woke up at 10am again. We had a full day planned of actually hitting all the touristy stops. So far, our escaped have been pretty much living like the locals do, soaking in their culture, speaking to the people, giving back to the people. Today we will walk.  Tanya was our tour guide, and led the way to to all the infamous spots like El Museo de la Revolución, El Museo de Bellas Artes. I was excited when I got to visit el Mucseo de () Which is the museum of Santeria. Im very careful with messing with all those energies, I don’t want evil spirits headed my way, but I´ve always been very intrigued and curious about the culture. I like reading about all the gods, what their purpose was and is, an even learning about their practices. Two of the gods that stood out to me the most was probably Ochun and Ochumbe. Ochun over looks on people, taking care of them, she’s also the goddess you pray to when in need of fertility. Ochumbe I have never heard off until today. I found interesting that she lives 6 months female and then 6 months male. I have to do some reading on these, but how cool is that? I´ll admit, I was a little nervous to go in. I didn’t want to disrespect any part of the exhibit, so I made sure to throw my shawl on, remove my sunglasses, and I kept my hands in pockets at all times. I was definitely more into it than the others.

The museum of bellas artes, is a fine arts museum. If you had to compare it to any other in NYC it would probably be the MOMA. There were two museums, one universal and solely with cuban artists. We decided to visit the exhibit with only cuban artists. I mean, that’s why we´re here right? We told our selves we would only stay for 30 minutes, we had a tight schedule today, but an hour later we were still roaming the installations picking out favorites. I wish we could have taken pictures though. (Shrugs shoulders) We walked through a sketchy neighborhood and found the old trains we were looking for. They were right in the middle of the street, in a small triangle park. They were pretty gorgeous. I thought I was going to bump into a red bird, the ones I was used to when I was little girl on the 2 and 5 line in the Bronx, but I was wrong. These trains were from like 1920 and huge! Coco Chanel recently had a fashion shoes in 2016, the first one Cub has had in many years. Tanya ended up doing a little catwalk in the park where it was held. One of the cops was enjoying her little spin and smirked when she passed by. We’ve been walking since 11am, we’re finally taken at break at about 5pm. I was starving and we haven’t eaten yet. I ordered a fish with white rice. I’ve been ordering a lot of seafood this trip, super proud of myself. Tanya was leading us to the Malecon. According to her it was only a 15 minute walk. We were suffering for an extra hour. We finally got to where we wanted to go, and I have to say it was worth it. El Hotel Nacional was stunning. T was so eager to be there. Fred Astaire, Carmen Miranda, Lucky Luchiano and many mobsters, have had meetings in this hotel and the infamous shoot out(look up story here) we ordered some cigars and puffed in the garden. I find it funny, about 5 years I had made a bucket list, smoke a cuban cigar in cuba was actually on my list… scratch that off! I find myself scratching off many things in my bucket list lately, maybe I should re-share that with you guys. I know I did a long time ago.We tried to find a cab and it seems that whenever we don’t need one, they’re everywhere. The taxi cab drivers harassing us to get inside. Now that we need one, its obsolete. The roads seems to be closed due to a salsa festival that’s going on. We find a cab and as soon as we get home we rush and get ready.   It’s our last night in Cuba, it’s time to have dinner and celebrate. We meet up with the rest of Olivias family and there’s a guy giving a performance. He has a nice set of pipes on him, and is absolutely hilarious. His little dance kills me. His friend joins him on the mic and they give us a show I wont forget. I order two Cuba Libres and tell the waiter to send the drinks over to them on my behalf. One of the singers thanks me. When I go off to the bathroom with the girls, because you know.. we can never go alone. We´re taking pictures while we wait on the line. The kitchen is right next to us, and one of the cooks is over looking through a window, smiling at us. He jokingly asks to take a picture as well, and me being as crazy as I am say yes. It’s completely harmless, why not… Tanya starts cracking up because it looks like a couple picture. When I look at it, she’s not wrong…ugh. I´m so not ready to be looking like a couple with anybody. I go use the bathroom and I hear her telling someone in her broken ass Spanish … numero, para amiga americana? Oh heeeeell fucking no. I know she’s not pimping me out right now. I don’t even know where to put my face right now, I’m still hiding in the bathroom. According to her she’s looking out for my woman needs. I’m not ready… I know I’m not ready.

Cuba: A Little for the Locals

The girls wake up early again, and I hear them working out on the roof. We have this beautiful little terrace we haven’t put to use yet. I guess I should say I haven put to use yet. I know I should be working out with them, but this is my vacation, and if I don’t have to work, I´m sleeping in late. I was up by 10am… that was my late wake up -___-
I take my shower and try to do what I can wit second day curls. I didn’t bring enough product for this trip, so for the remainder of it, it’ll probably be tied up somehow. Olivia´s main purpose for this trip was to go to the tobacco fields and the rum factory. Since we couldn’t arrange a trip to Vinales, yet another city, we found an alternative. Alexis, our cab driver, stopped by a hotel so we can buy day passes at a hotel, since we wouldn’t be able to buy tickets at the spot we were headed to. Partagas Cigar Factory was pretty close to our casa particular, and since we did a lot bullshitting around the house, we arrived an hour before it closed at 1pm. I was a little upset I had to leave my DSLR in a room packed away with my bag, but at least we were able to take pictures with our cellphones. (I hate taking pictures with my cellphone) Our tour guide was a super sassy and a beautiful cuban dressed in khaki, she puffed on a cigar while she spoke and gave us the run down of how cigars are made. When we arrived on the second floor, you could see their office spaces. Tables after tables, after tables. Workers, all busy making their section of their cigar. The workers were amused by the tourist as well, and kept looking at us, some of the guys were pretty damn cute, and they kept smiling at us, flirting.  Cubans are hustlers man. When we walked outside, there were so many factory workers who were off duty, who chilling in front of the factory, asking tourists if they wanted to buy boxes of their cigars instead of getting it at the gift shop. I personally wanted my box sealed for travel, so I opted out of that option. I decided to get 3 bottles of rum as well, one for my boss, one for my dad, and the other for my aunt. I purchased some cigars, but I didn’t get anything too crazy.   I already ran out of money and had to change some more American cash at the hotel. The bell hop who was helping me kept saying I was beautiful and he wouldn’t be against finding someone like me to marry his 25 year old son. I knew it was for papers, I said thank you and walked away.   We roamed a lot.. the bottom of my dress was ruined and it didn’t bother me that much. The streets are filthy and my toes were worse. We walked aimlessly into Chinatown and entered a Chinese restaurant. I ordered a dish filled with fish and lobster. It was sooo good, the amount was a little too generous compared to the small portions I’ve been getting used to.
The waiter was pretty cute, and was helpful. Cuban men so far have been so handsome. I’m one to give a compliment to a woman, but I have yet to see someone who stood out too much.
When I went to the restroom, Alejandro, our waiter, told me I was beautiful, asked if I had boyfriend and if I wanted to be friends. I asked how would that even work. You guys barely have internet. He told me he had Facebook, and we could be friends long distance. He asked if I have heard of a certain song and when I responded no, the television that was over us started to play some music. He told me to sit down and watch the video. Even though I understood it, I asked him to explain it to me. The video was about two friends, who became lovers, and lived across the map from each other. They went off even 20 years and up, just being friends apart. I smiled, and he slipped me his house phone number, which I wont be able to use, and his full name so I can find him on Facebook. His other coworkers, 2 pretty girls just looked on by and asked me my name for him. Hmm… maybe he’s done this before.  We walked some more, and i switch lenses so I can get some detailed shots of the people and the architecture. Even though some things were old and dusty, everything, absolutely everything had some kind of history to it. Tonight we were supposed to have dinner at La Floridita, but we walked in right now instead. The place was packed, this is definitely a tourist spot, we could barely move. When Krys and Julian found a table, the Chilean couple next to me gladly let me have their spare chair. I loved the live band that was playing. I wish there was enough space to dance.    While walking towards our casa particular, we bumped into a few kids playing soccer in the street. Oli started with them, and because i had a few toys in my bag I started to give them away. I didn’t have much, but they were all shoving and trying to get their own. When we got to our casa, we grabbed the rest of the toys we had, and Olivia had a bunch. We walked three blocks up to where we saw them, and when they saw us they ran to us. They were so excited, and trying to grab everything they possibly could, Olivia gave away, coloring books, markers, crayons, nerf footballs, toy cars, paddle balls and candies. These boys were not about sharing. A little old abuela came walking towards us with a baby girl in hand and another little girl in hand. She asked if we had anything took give her for the girls. We all felt so bad, we’ve already given everything away. Krys wanted to stop by a candy store, and see if she could buy a whole bunch of candies for them, but there wasn’t one close.    We went to hang out by The Malecon. While they all disputed what their plans were for the next day, I was busy playing with my camera making light trails with the fort-castle in the background. They wanted to go to the beach in the morning and I was perfectly fine staying in by myself. They all kept making plans and I just followed along with them, which is fine for the most part, but I know the next vacation I take will be a solo one. I wont have to please anyone but myself. I can roam the street I want to, plan my day the way I want to, eat where I want to, wake up and go to sleep when I want to. The girls stayed walking el malecon, enjoying the night.  . I went home, took a wonderful shower and washed the pollution out of my hair. I stayed in a towel and just chilled in the balcony, with my wet hair, feet up, with a wonderful view, a great breeze, the quiet, all while drawing a commission piece for a client. About an hour later they came by, I threw the keys down for them and stayed up a little with them. I was having horrible back pains, sharp pains that would startle me ever time I turned.
Since have any candles, Tanya went into the kitchen, grabbed two forks and stuck newspaper on top of them, shoved them in the cake and lit the paper on fire.
What the hell… I was ready for the place to burn down… but it ended up working either way. We sang happy birthday and the birthday girl made her wish. I had the worst sleep that night, I was on the verge of crying from all the pain my back was giving me, every time I tossed and turned the pain never seemed to go away, I just wanted someone to hug me so tight, so my back would crack. I thought about someone but I tried my best to let it pass.

Cuba: Rough Night In Old Habana

old habanaculinary, food, cuban foodToday is my sister’s birthday, I won’t be able to celebrate with her but I made sure to send her a message right before I boarded the plane. Today is also our last day in Matanzas. We have a late check out, so the girls went out for a run, while I enjoy the house to myself, the quiet and the need to not rush.Mitchell knocks on our door, he’s here and ready to drive us to Old Habana. He picks up my suitcase and throws it in the car. Instead of paying attention to the scenery, I start watching the episodes of The Office I downloaded before I arrived. Cuba is great, yet I’m already thinking of the next trip I want to have, by myself.cuban doors, cuba, cuban, exteriorWe arrive at our third casa particular. We’re right in the center of Old Havana, our place is a railroad apartment with dim lighting. I’m pretty tired.
Cuba makes me realize how spoiled we are. Internet access, and the food. As soon as I get back to New York I want my mother to cook me some oxtail, or maybe get myself a real burger. The food here is not the best, but it´s edible and it’s better than starving. Sometimes we get lucky though. El Fígaro is right around the corner, and it´s been recently aired on the Diner Drivers and Dives.. with guy fiere. The waiter was nice and spoke English, and started flirting with Tanya. I ordered ropa vieja and it was delicious. Thank goodness. The sangria was sour, and so was the limonada I ordered, but the food, no complaints.Today we will be attempting to go to the Fabrica de Arte, once again. We tried to go before and it was closed, so we ended up going to La Casa de Música instead. Tonight we didn’t have the best of luck either. We met Rodney, another taxi driver who did his best to take us to a dancing spot but that didn’t work out. We ended up paying for a cab to take us there, and bring us right back. Wack. We stopped by a bar really close to our house and I ordered the infamous drink Cuba Libre. It was named after the slogan of the revolution since Fidel Castro used to drink it all the time. It´s basically a rum and coke with lime, Tanya had 2 mojitos, and Oli ordered herself a pina colada. We talked for a few hours, and like always I´m the first one who’s ready to call it a night. I´m getting so old man. We pass by the restaurant we were at earlier and the waiter, Jean Carlos asks us if we wanted to go to a bar and continue the night. We were really thinking about it, but changed our minds at last minute. Now, were currently upstairs, and the girls are still talking… I don’t know how they do it. How can you have so much to say? We planned our day for tomorrow and I´m ready to call it quits. I stayed up a bit to write and draw, until tomorrow. Night ya’ll.

Cuba: Making it to Matanzas

It’s our last day in Habana, our check out and taxi arrival is supposed to be at 10am. Beatriz, our lovely host meets us at the airbnb and watches us do our last minute packing from the couch. I leave two dresses for her, and two Yankee fitteds for Jovani. I thank them for being so amazing, and stick the post it on the items, leaving them where she can clearly find them. It’s 10:20am now and our taxi still hasn’t arrived. Olivia says she confirmed the reservation, but we’re stuck waiting. We find the house number for the second spot we’re staying at, and give them a call. They didn’t know we confirmed the taxi. Beatriz asks them to head out this way right now, we’re waiting and she has other apartments that she needs to be at. I apologize for the inconvenience and she insists its no trouble. The cab should be here at 1pm, and since we have plenty of time to kill, we decide to go for a walk and roam the neighborhood for a while. We had yet to do that since we arrived, and have been taking taxis everywhere.
The streets are beautiful, I love the colorful houses and the rustic feel to most of it. The island is poor, but many of the houses start to look more modern. We go into a restaurant and order some food, it’s almost 1pm and we don’t want to miss this ride. I ask for a to go box and dash out. Our driver is waiting for us in front of the house. We hand Beatriz the keys and hop on. I’m not feeling too well today, this migraine is killing me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven’t been drinking much water. I fall asleep on Tanya’s lap and two hours later I open my eyes. We’re officially in Matanzas. Matanzas is a major industrial town with an import port for exporting sugar. Their mostly known for their many bridges, and they were many!
Our second airbnb host was sweet, while we wait at the restaurant that’s in her backyard, we pull out our takeout boxes and start to eat. My pescado was delicious, and not salty which is just what my doctor recommends I start doing. She brings us a frothy coconut juice and its delicious. Tanya goes off chasing a hawk that keeps flying above us. I named him Henry, while Luna, the cute little puppy that roams the backyard makes his way towards us. He is so damn cute and not shy when it comes to being held. He just lays there waiting for you to pet him.

Our apartment is cozy and fancier than the last. The first thing you notice is a hot tub with a gorgeous green tile right next to a bar. Oh, we will be using that later. We take a 30 minute nap, and head right back out. Every other car that passed us was honking at us, we got catcalled or was whistled at. Either the local men really love exotic women, or they just love women in general. Tanya’s rule No.1: Don’t make eye contact! I chuckle, because I find it harmless. As soon as they catcall they don’t do much after, they walk away.

When we get back we open up the bottle of rum we had started at Tropicana and wait for the hot tub to fill up. Hot tub minus the hot. The water was cool and there were no bubbles. I decide to go in with only panties, and Olivia joins me in my free titties stance. We talk boys, heartbreaks, work life, family life and bond over old memories, all while trying to plan out new ones. At this point all of us are just chilling in the tub bra less, with our boobs floating in the water. I open up a bottle of wine and continue on with our stories.

Video: Art Basel 2016

    Art Basel was an amazing experience. This girl trip was a teaser to what we really have coming up, which you guys will all kn ow about soon enough. I’ve been busting my butt trying to create more dimensional content and that’s why, slowly but surely I’ll be adding more videos on this site. I love drawing and my photography is getting way better, but sometimes you gotta up the ante a bit. I hope you all enjoy this video of out 24 hours in Miami. And you haven’t seen images from that post, you do so HERE. See you guys soon!

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Madrid |A Night Like Tonight

After the Flamenco show it was time for a night cap, some of us wanted to party a bit in our last night in Madrid, some of us wanted sleep. We split our ways, and with a night like was time to dance.

We walked into a bar.. sounds like I’m starting off a really bad joke. Everyone had been drinking about the whole day, and I was the only one sober, which was a bit confusing since I was the one with the most energy. Hey, all I need is really loud music and I’m ready to party.

The bartenders didn’t understand anything we tried to order, and I was speaking perfect spanish. All Pia wanted was whiskey on the rocks, I thought I was explaining how to perform heart surgery. We still didn’t get what we wanted. On the bright side, literally when the bartenders lit the bar on fire it caught us all by surprise and got us pumped up..
Time for the next stop. The dj at this first place only kept playing old songs… I swear, I think they only play what they think tourists want to hear, hate it. We finally got some good music pumping, the pizza at the end of our night was on point, wish I could have one of those slices right now.

Madrid |Flamenco en Villa Rosa

It’s our last night in Madrid, and there’s no leaving España without watching a bull fight or seeing a flamenco show, and since bull fighting was out of season, you all know where we headed. Villa Rosa was a little tricky to get reservations for, but it was worth all the hassle.

We walked in to the dimmed restaurant and the first thing you see is a well light stage.I was excited. I wasn’t really hungry and I told myself I wouldn’t be drinking. Everyone’s meal looked delicious, though I was set in my ways with just water, bread and some black olives. For some reason I couldn’t force myself to eat at that was okay.The dancers came out on stage and the singing started. They build up was anticipating up to all the dancing. The first flamenco dancer  had a butt on her, and she was sexual in all the ways her body twitched. It was nice, and I know all the guys were loving the view. Their eyes were practically popping out of their sockets, and their tongues rolling down on the floors.

The next dancer was a guy that blew everyone out of the water, I don’t think anyone expected him to be as good as he was. He absolutely killed it.

As soon as the show was over, Fitgi was clapping and stepping all over the streets, I guess it comes natural when your’e a dancer.