Wedding Photography: Beata + Luis

Photographing the commitment of love is such a beautiful blessing.

I was so lucky to document newlyweds, Luis + Beata.
Upon first getting to know a little more about the couple, who have a 6 years dating, they were eager to tie to the knot and were upset that their initial wedding plans had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Their Vegas wedding was now being held in Dumbo, with a handful of loved ones surrounding them. I appreciated how no matter the circumstances, the love still shined through.

Everything seemed like it happened so quickly!
The officiant was ready to go, the guests were ready to see the new couple exchange vows and have that first kiss, I was ready to get snapping.

Event: You’re Invited to Art Auction & Chill

Great things are happening!

You ever have that feeling in your gut… that fulfilled feeling where everything feels like it’s falling into place? Well that’s how I’m feeling, especially knowing that I’m surrounded by the right people.
This talented group of artists have been a blessing, and it’s not in disguise. We’ve all been working off the clock, creating and building in all our different mediums.
We’re a bunch of painters, illustrators, graphic artists, photographers, and designers who have bonded into so much more. We’re so proud of this growth and we’re really excited to be hosting our first event soon, and we want you to be a part of this experience.
Come and show some support, laugh a lot, and win some art to take home with you.
This is only the beginning.

RSVP is available HERE

I can’t wait to see you there!

Great Vibes & Chill: Vision Board Workshop

Don’t you just love “feel good” moments?
Today was all about that, and I couldn’t be more inspired than how I feel right now.
The gorgeous and inspiring, @allthingsada and @readingsbyvida hosted an intimate vision board workshop. This get together made all the gorgeous women who attended vulnerable to the point where they almost ran out of tissues.  Imagine opening up to a room full of strangers? It was beautiful.
We all want to become a better version of ourselves, and today we had the chance to tap into our goals, both long term and short.
This event was made to uplift us. Remind us that we have to manifest the things we want for ourselves into existence. When things are physical, they tend to be more real. We  rummaged through magazines, and shared scissors and glues to make our masterpieces.  Our vision boards needed to be a reflection of our talk and I gotta say, I like how mine came out. I keep staring at it!

This event was sold out in about 3 hours when it was posted, I was so glad i didn’t hesitate to sign up when I did. Now there’s a long waiting list for the next one, and I’m not surprised at that one bit. I think this was such a feel good wake up for all the girls who attended, and I only hope others get to bond the way that we did.

Also, shout out to @nycfoodmuse for being my collage partner and a friendly face in the crowd.

To sign up for the waiting list go HERE, to see Ada’s instagram click HERE, for her blog HERE and her youtube HERE. Follow Vida on her instagram HERE, and check out her website HERE… oh, and of course, don’t forget to follow me on instagram HERE.

Family: La Hora Loca, After the Vows

After the ceremony it’s time to party!

What, did you think we weren’t gonna get get down and dance all night. Ha! You must not know Dominicans very well.

After we left the church, we arrived in style back to El Palacio Royal. Everyone was already seated and waiting for the wedding party to arrive. Mami seemed liked she was in a better mood after the vows. And knowing my dad, as long as Mami is happy, he’s happy.( Plus less of a headache.)

The venue was absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail was insane. The little trinkets at the table fit right in with the romantic and coral theme.

I was kinda peer pressured into saying a few words, and even though I’m a great speaker—in English. I knew I had to shut this down in Spanish.

Knowing all the up and downs we have all gone through over the years, all the bickering we have all done towards each other, family is family. And even though we don’t always get along, you guys are it. My step dad to me is my dad. He’s the kindest man I know.  If anyone ever asks— he’s the real deal. And I know, I’m so blessed to have him in my life, our life, mami’s life. Being her rock.

The spot light was on them, they danced their first dance in the most of bubbles and confetti, and they looked so magical on the dance floor.

After taking a bunch of pictures (I couldn’t really hold my own camera all night, since I had to be posing. I handed it off to my Michelle and she rocked it)


The food was delicious. I wish I had a plate right now and  I heard the drinks were on point. I think all the dancing I did was enough to keep me occupied. Everytime I would go up to the bar for water, the bartender made sure he picked on me in a flirtatious way.

After taking all the wedding pictures mami kept hassling us to do (and which we still haven’t received from the vendor) I wanted to change. I had a second dress I couldn’t wait to get into. A mermaid style yellow number that made me feel like “chiquita banana”. I loved it, and apparently so did everyone else, because I kept getting compliments all night.

“La hora Loca” (which translates to “the crazy hour”) happened in a blur. The lights dimmed down, the fog began, and the music changed from soft to party mode. Right on time too. Mami changed into dress number 3. Funky hat’s and glasses were given out , and the crowd goes wild. I even caught Mami playing limbo, and my dad dancing to La Macarena!

This was such a special day for my family. My parent’s looked absolutely gorgeous. We don’t always see eye to eye, but now that I’m much older, I’ve learned to appreciate them so much more. I wish them all the happiness in the world.
And before I go, here’s a little drawing. I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t create something new!

Color Scenes: An All Alpha Female Experience Exhibit

This Friday I had the opportunity to present my work at a small exhibit in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The show was curated by Color Scenes & La Femme Cheri. The exhibit was a collection of 40 talented ladies, all displaying 2 pieces each.
I displayed 2/3 of the “Oracle” pieces I have been working on, and guess what… sold 2/3 pieces.
What a blessing. Pictured above is the proud owner of the small green piece, who now gets to go home happily cared for.
The larger Oracle piece in blue is ready to be shipped to Orlando, Florida. I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty blessed that my babies get owners who appreciate them. If I kept all the pieces I have made thorough out the years, I wouldn’t we be able to walk through my tiny apartment. I have one more “Oracle” piece that’s looking for a new owner, you know how to find me.

Event: Write Off Cancer

All photos taken on an iphone 7+

I’m going to start this entry with a big thank you. Thank you to everyone who came out last night, and showed support for such a great cause.
Write Off Cancer, is a group exhibition that was curated on the behalf of legendary graffiti queen, Diva. This benefit featured original works for sale, from a collective group of artists. All the proceeds fro this exhibition will be going to help Queen Diva with medical expenses and her battle with cancer.

Kaystar, the beautiful soul that she is asked me if I wanted to be a part of this installation. It was bit last minute for me with the move and all, but there was no way I was going to say no. I happily donated 4 older pieces I had hanging out in my bedroom. Two of the pieces were displayed,while the other two will be auctioned off, at an online auction. That link is coming soon, so please stayed posted.

The love and support was so real. It was such a great turnout.
I’ll update this post with a quick recap video of the night. See you guys soon!

Event: Fem.Is.In

artwork by : Lady Pink

artwork by: Queen Andrea

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to attend art shows. It’s been a little while, but Fem.Is.In was a great way to get me going again. Seeing Swoon, Queen Andrea and Lady Pink‘s pieces in person again, are always a reminder to get my craft together. The push to start creating and stop making excuses. Great show Ladies!

Puerto Rico 2015: Day 3: Electric Daisy Carnival

Buenos Dias Puerto Rico!

That sprinkle of rain in the morning was refreshing . Good thing my hair is all out and curly, so I can’t be all picky about it getting messed up. We started our day at Walgreens. I was so lucky I found one. After thinking about what it could have possibly been to disturb my stomach. Tracing back moments..I soon realized it was from the tap water that I had been served at a restaurant yesterday.

Chris insisted on seeing more sights, which meant more walking. He slowed down for me which I appreciated, but there was no pace in this lifetime that was slow enough for me to feel better. i was cranky as hell and with the hills and the sun beaming on me, it didn’t help.

For breakfast, which I was forced to eat, I ordered a chicken noodle soup, which I ended leaving all the chicken and just sipped on the broth.

We met up with Monica for a quick pull, but today was EDC, and today was the only day we didn’t have a place to sleep tonight. Chris was beyond stressed. I on the other hand was more than ready to camp out on a park somewhere. Jose, the host of the communal living space we were staying at, who’s a such a chill person, was amazing and set us up with a space in the common area. This space was filled with different characters from all different kind of places. Toronto, Pennsylvania, London etc.

Most of us were headed to EDC, so when it was time to get ready, the girls were butt cheek exposed in tutus, while I was busy putting on rhinestones on my face, which I ended up sharing with all of them in the long run.

Waiting on line to enter the festival was HORRIBLE! Worst experience from a festival so far. There were thousands of ravers outside the ticket booths. I would say there was a line but in reality there was no order or organization at all. We arrived at 7pm knowing all we had to do was pick up our tickets since they were already purchased online.

Boy, were we wrong. Making friends on the line was easy. We all came from different places so “Where are you guys from?” was always an ice-breaker. We bumped into some cool people who made the wait on line a little more bearable. But after 2 hours, I was done being friendly and I had my game face on.

We would move one tiny baby step every other 15 minutes…if we were lucky. Some of the other people had no consideration for who or what was around them. Like one girl who kept leaning on the gate, knowing there was people behind her, and she’s squishing us with the gate. A blonde girl nicely asked her to watch herself, since she was shoving her, and the girl on top of the gate simply ignored her. When she shoved me with the gate, I told her her to get down, there was people behind her, and right away, she was back on her feet. Blondie whispered “Thank you” to me.

I’m the type of person who would say something if you step on my toes. Chris on the other hand is more free-spirited, and friendly, he kept telling me to calm down. Thing is, I was calm.

Since I was in front of Chris, I made it my mission to finally get to the front of the line, even if it took us a total of 3 hours to get there. This guy kept tugging on my shirt, and at that point I made it pretty clear that I hope he was holding on to dear life because he wasn’t trying to get lost, not because he was telling me to settle down.

Once we finally made inside at 10pm, the vibe was instantly different. Now everyone was to ready to party, ready to dance, ready to drink. That was the first step, Medalla beer please!

The music was blasting, the dj’s were turning their tables (or pressing buttons on their laptops) the lights were trippy, especially with how dark it was. Right in the middle of Blasterjaxx’s performance it started to rain. It was liberating having those 5 minute showers refresh us. Dancing in the rain. It was freeing.

The walk back to the hostel was not my favorite, our feet were killing us, If I could detach them from my body, Iwould have thrown them in the ocean.



Judy and Miguel’s Babyshower

jmbOne of my friend’s Judy is expecting a little girl, soon to be named Sophia.

I know how hard her and her mother have been planning her baby shower, and I figured why not put in my 2 cents. I took her maternity pictures, helped set up and took photographs of the event. You can’t say I don’t love you Jude. 🙂

When I first arrived, I felt a little weird, I only knew the mother to be, her mother and have met the soon to be dad about 3 times, tops. So I already felt out of place, not to mention the fact that it was my birthday, and today was probably one of the worst days ever. I tried to keep a happy face, but to be honest, all I wanted was to go home and crawl under my covers.

Judy looked absolutely beautiful. When her and Miguel (dad to be) arrived, everyone stood up and cheered for the soon to be parents. There was baby shower games of course, an awesome dj, and even amazing food. Let me tell you, the food was solo good. There was everything from lasagna, peril, rice, roasted chicken, chicken alfredo, ceviche and so much more I can’t remember right now, but I wish I eating.

The dj was on point, and I’m so glad he was playing some spanish music, anybody and everybody who knows me, knows that I love to dance spanish music. Once I’m up, the bachata, tipico takes over. After a few drinks, I loosened up a bit and managed to make some friends, and better yet ones that can dance, so that dance floor was all mine.

Judy’s family, the sweethearts that they are, surprised me with a birthday shout out, while everyone sang to me. I was blushing, grateful and was happy to finally get a smile out of my day. Thank you. Once I got home, because I really wasn’t that far, thank goodness, I went straight to sleep, that pillow was my everything.

Here are a few pics of our night, see the rest HERE.