So many talented friends, I always tell myself… and one of them is def. Chris Banuchi … Such a creative eye… not only is he an awesome artist, pencil and paper wise….hes also an amazing with his film work… Something I’m def. not good at… I can pretty much work facebook and ebay :}

Stay tuned for more to come, I guarantee thats not his last.

“My Name is Johnny” is a short film directed, produced, and written by Chris Banuchi. This was a final project for Media Studies 310 at Queens College (CUNY) with Prof. McCleave.

Have a question or want to show him some loving find him here :

Help me / Tuts 21st

Boredom at work strikes again… and yes, those are my legs. Nine hours to kill and not a knife in sight. Lately alot has been on my mind and I have no clue as of where to start. For one, I haven’t picked up a paint brush in about six months. No motivation has struck me… as if that wasn’t enough…I’m fucking hungry! But that’s never new… I eat like a man, and I have no shame in it. 

No worries once motivation hits I’ll attack all those supplies that I have stacked collecting dust.

Last night it was a girlfriends birthday, and I must say we had a blast… Tuts damn sure enjoyed her 21st. As we all did…danced, got drunk, some even threw up. One guy actually passed out in the couch…I can’t believe i had to smack him around and throw water on him so he can actually get up…. then he had the nerve to swear he was cute and start flirting with some of the girls… sorry buddy..keep it moving. Handle your liquor. Don’t let your liquor handle you. Either than that, Happy Birthday Tuts, I love you dearly and I wish you the best in life always…Mhuuuuah.

Hey guys,

So, Ive had blogspot for about two years now… I believe it’s been two years now. Just like a cellphone, sometimes it’s just time for that upgrade. So here I am, bare with me while I learn all the little tricks and turns to this site. I’m here to fill you in about my little adventures, the dumbshit I go through on a daily basis, the boy troubles, the makeup, the drunken nights, the stress and of course my love of art, graffiti and all of its sister related products. So feel free to roam my page while i drive you crazy… which I most def. will. Enjoy.