Tell me how awesome this is…. A friend of mines, Gina, went all out and made me cartoony =] And you guys thought I would never show ya my face…. hehehehehe… in time… in time….

Thank you G, I absolutely adore it.

I haven’t been blogging lately, but hopefully I’ll keep going, life has been draggy lately. I cant wait until Halloween though, only 3 more days! Halloween is def. my favorite holiday. I love that we can dress up and look goofy, and actually go outside! Fuck the candy. 

I disconnected my phone, last week, because I decided to by myself a Blackberry this Friday. Hopefully  I dont regret it….I’m not the type to change my phone every other month just because something new came out. So i better make this one last. { i have the bad habit of dropping my phone, alot. }

The boyfriend and I, ups and downs like usual. Like any other retarded relationship. Since we both have so much going on in our lives, we get angry at the other when we arent around.. thats basicaly theonly problem right now…. we miss each other so much…. thats weird right? Any other person will be complaining about smothering….. alright, alright, I like an even balance.

Everything to me is about balance. Have to balance the boyfriends, family, friends, work, and my free time to myself { lets face it, i need to keep my sanity }. I def have to start working my artwork in there, I just been super lazy lately. Funny, because I have sooo many ideas, Floating around, and dont do anything about it… and even worse, so many canvases, and paint hoggin up space in my room.   pao. pao. Minxie. { slaps hand }

A day at the zoo.

 Before heading  out to the Bronx Zoo

Not seeing my two pregnant beauties for a while, we scheduled a day at the zoo. It was about time we get a little girls day in that didnt require wet dance floors and  long lines to get in club… especially because they couldnt drink! We all know I love my vodka!

 Mari and her love of butterflies

The excitement of all of us catching up, to the running of each animal, turned to lots of walking trying to find the damn lemurs that my boyfriend, insisted I snap a picture of… turned to waddling… < how cute were they!

On the hunt for the damn lemurs, and guess what? The Madagascar section was closed!  personally I think my bf just likes them because of this:

He’s such a clown…After grabbing pizza, catching up on all our girl talk, I say It was a good day


I Can’t Wait …

for my hair to grow long and healthy already, so I can go back to my all time favorite color… being a redhead….

I’ve had every color in my hair from yellow, to purple, to  burgundy to green,  to blue to pink…. But I can’t resist being a redhead. Because o f all those chemicals, my hair went from being naturally long, puffy, curly frizzy dark brown.. to now, a short, straight black bob.. which is nice for the time being… but I just cant wait!

Ugh, time goes by sooo slow!

Costume Idea#4 Ronald Mcdonald

You must know the famous ronald mcdonald…

But after seeing this Japanese commercial, I fell in love.

So heres where I come in.. love the wig. Hate the shoes.

heres my take… for now…

orand you cant forgetor

later guys..

Costume Idea#3 Beetlejuice

In a female version of course!

How I adore Beetlejuice and no one plays it better than Michael Keaton … until a female may come along!

this dress: with ,, white face, smokey dark eyes and be sure to paint some green mold around your hair line. and if you want… top it off with a hat  

Costume Idea#2 Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams from the Adams family.. sarcastic, feisty.

I found these at Party City and at Rickys.

Again, here’s my take on  it…..

longer ponytails 

diff dresses

striped stockings black eyeliner and awesome mary jane shoes

Costume idea#1 Tiffany

I looooove Halloween.. its gruesome, and it gives the chance for us to dress up and lives someone else life for a day. =]

I’ll be posting some ideas, that I have in mind… So, please let me know youre opinions.

Bride of Chucky

I saw this version in party City..

but its type wack… I would def make my own version…   lets see what else I can come up with.. I would def… heres my take on this costume: get a different dress… prob a bit shorter…

you can get that one from   I would def add black lips, add the mole, some black garters with black thigh high stockings and some brolic odee black pumps or evn some killer combat boots…carry a gun .. draw a heart tattoo on your boobs and get a killer straight leather jacket… dont forget your blonde wig and black nails!