Photo Journal: Union Sushi

It’s a lovely day in NYC, and I was going to enjoy it. The weather is actually being a good girl today, so I decided to roam Union Square for a bit. I met up with Kat and headed to sushi spot fro lunch. I was a little jealous of the bento box she ordered because it looked it was going to be more hearty than the three rolls of sushi I decided to get.
Later on I met up with Kevin, where a beer was much needed. We caught up over sliders and Modelos, and decided to watch a funny movie. My laugh is so annoyingly loud, you can’t deny that I’m Dominican,
How did you guys spend your beautiful day?

Ps. Check out Kevin’s drawing of Childish Gambino, isn’t it great! (it’s not even done yet… I stole a sneak peek for you guys.)