Travel: Twenty Nine In The Big Easy

Turning 29, you would think I was I would be panicking knowing that I’m only one year away from the big 3-0. Today doesn’t even feel like my birthday. I’m sitting in the airport for a flight that I had rescheduled for 8am instead of 2pm. It’s currently 4:30 in the morning, and my eyes feel heavy. I lay my head on my carry on book bag, and take a nap. The sound of a little kid wakes me up, and he’s the cutest little thing, just staring out the window, watching the snow fall on the planes.


A few hours later I find myself in New Orleans. My sneakers aren’t really my friends right now. When I arrive at my airbnb, my host Katie introduces me to Grace, who just landed as well. I ask Grace if she has eaten already and she gladly agrees to find some food with me.
I let her pick the place and we settle at a nice organic spot near Jackson Square.


I order a salmon Po Boy, while she goes for crab. Oh, my goodness… talk about delicious. We depart ways since she has a conference to attend to, and I decide to roam… give my feet more reasons to hate me.


Grace is an absolute doll. I mentioned that I was going on a ghost tour later that night, and she signed right up to join me! I was so looking forward to that. I know I needed sleep, but I was pushing through.


Birthday’s usually tend to be this big grand thing. I don’t have my birthday up on social media, haven’t advertised it in a few years. Though my day was nice and quiet, I have to thank God for my blessings. I am experiencing new food, in a new city, with new friend. God is good.



I’ll be posting up more pictures on my instagram @millistephaniaphotography if you want to go sneak a little look.


Photographer: Mia’s Big Blue Eyes

I get the cutest tiniest humans for clients,  I swear!
I haven’t seen Shana in such a long time, it was nice playing catch up and seeing her as a mom. Her daughter Mia is the cutest little thing, with the chunkiest cheeks and big blue eyes.
At first she wasn’t too impressed with seeing so much photography equipment in her play space. Once I broke everything down to make her feel more comfortable she had attitude went a full 180!
Here was this adorable. spunky, and playful girl. She really liked playing in her biog brother’s bed. Dad was super helpful as well, and not to mention, his cooking was delicious.
Thanks for having me over guys and trusting me to capture the essence of your family.


If you’re in the NYC area and are interested in family photography, I’m currently accepting requests. Send me an email to be considered and feel free to check out my rates in this link provided.

Illustration: LaTonya Yvette

Bringing in Women’s Day with a new illustration inspired by the lovely @latonyayvette ✨
Her love for her kids, writing, Brooklyn and natural hair gives me all types of — ” I want to be like this as a parent!”