Vlog | Kayak and Some Beers

I’m a huge planner. I think everyone knows this about me. If you were to look at my calendar, you would probably get a little scared. But sometimes life surprises you, and no matter how much you think you have something figured out, the best moments come with spontaneity.
Josh invited a bunch of us to go kayaking, and though I’ve passed  this pier many times, telling myself I would go… I just never went out my way to go do so. Today was the day, and when Melany came to join us, the party was really starting.

I just got out of work, and was extremely overdressed on this hot day. My jeans stayed on, but I was so glad I was wearing a cute sports bra. I took that baby right off.
Now, I don;t know how to swim, but that never stops me from getting into water. I was little nervous at first, especially since we all got on single kayaks, instead of doubles… but that ended up being a great idea, since we kept racing each other, and playing bumper kayaks in the water. Josh kept splashing us, while Mel and I tagged team to get him right back.

Last person to the dock buys beers… you guessed it… first round is on me. I was doing pretty well until I bumped into another person and got stuck going backwards. lol.

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