Photo Journal | The Greatest Day Ever

The Bronx almost never has anything cool to do. Don’t fight me on this. I have never stepped foot into The New York Expo Center and if things keep  going this way, it won’t be the last either. The Greatest Day Ever is a two day festival brought to you by The Brunch Bounce team. There was no way I was going to last all day, so I mad sure I started my night when the sun was going away (shrugs shoulders) making sure I did my homework on the lineup.
I’ve always had a weird love for Ferris wheels. They scare me, but they’re just so beautiful, that I just have to get on! This one was no different, and I was inspired to draw a quick little sketch of one of my own.
Once the sun went down, I was loving all the lights, and I was glad I was able to bring in my camera. I noticed some people complained they couldn’t bring theirs in, and so glad I didn’t have that issue.
The rides were so much fun, and the music was great. I was right though.. I knew I wouldn’t last. The next day my body was sore, I ended up re-selling my tickets, and stayed in bed all day being lazy (whispers: I’m getting old) I heard and saw that Diplo killed it on day 2 though…aaaaahh!


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