The Scarlet Event

I don’ think there’s anything more inspiring that being surrounded by a whole bunch of women who are doing their damn thing!
I was invited by M.P. Frias to participate in this showcase, and I am so pleased that I did.
The Scarlet Event  is an a celebration of female expression. This showcase consisted with an amazing panel of artists. intellects and entrepreneurs, along with a line-up of comedians, dancers, spoken word artists, photographers, illustrators, tattoo artists, and other visual artists.

When you walk in, the open space invited you right in, you’re handed a “my name is” sticker with duh… your name, on the side is a small number that you have no idea what it means.. yet. Turns out their table numbers, and you’re out of luck if you came with company. This was a great way to split everyone up and get everyone talking to someone new. My table, surprisingly was only guys. so helloooo!

Ok, let me stop, they were all happily there supporting their women, who are all extremely talented in one way or another.

Dinner and drinks were served, comedians like Pat Brown, killed it…while Elizabeth Acevedo‘s spoken work, spoke to everyone’s soul. The dancers, were phenomenal, and there was just so much going on. I personally displayed three paintings, which all shared a wall of their own. One of which I’m currently working on as a commission piece for a client.
I’m halfway through and I was torturing myself truing to finish, so that I could display her. She’s still not done, but everyone thought she was.. I kept getting compliments on this cerulean siren. I still have a lot of work to do, but we all know as an artist, we’re are our own worst critics.

A huge thank you to Mp Frias, for letting me participate in such a wonderful and empowering experience.  Please feel free to follow The Scarlet Event on instagram so you may see different perspectives of this night, and any future shows  coming in the future.

Many blessings to all the women who engaged us with their art, their intellect, their comedy, their moves, their poetry, and the many advice on how to become your entrepreneur. Women getting together to support other women, is always a good day spent in my book.

,Milli Stephania

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