Photography: Grunged Out Aldenys









Mini sessions are a great way for to me try new things. This time I was aiming for a 90’s grungy look, and when model Aldeny‘s proposed a fish net top with washed out jeans, I knew we were going to do this right. Working with Aldeny’s was fun, she was cute.. too cute… hahaha I kept telling her to give me some attitude, and instead she would chuckle and blush. She was so sweet and so nice to work with.

I recently decided to start off a new website with my photography, to kind of organize everything. I’ll still be writing here on this blog of course, but I needed the extra space to show off the photography without it feeling so crowded. Go visit to see what that looks like. I’t’s still in it’s starter stages, so bear with me during the construction. Also, if you didn’t already know, you can follow me on instagram at both @millistephania and @millistephaniaphotography

See you guys there!

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