Hiatus and an Update

I’ve been on a 9 month hiatus. You guys may have not of noticed, but I’ve been holding back a lot of things. I needed some space to myself, for myself. I’m slowly starting to get out of this rut, and I’m excited about it. Heartbreak is tough. But we have to move on, right?
So, what’s new?
Let’s see, I moved. My commute is a little trickier now which is pretty damn annoying, but I’m closer to family now, which I love. Not only do I get to see my niece Harlie Alexa, grow up, but my sister Julissa finally gave birth to a cutesy little boy, Amaury Alfonso. We’re not sharing pictures as yet, but trust me when I say.. I’m the aunt with her camera always in hand.

Talking about my camera, I’ve been trying to put it into good use, and I believe it’s working. If you’re not already, come visit my photography on instagram, and see what I’ve been up to.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, and for a long time I’ve been wanting to take a dance class. I finally took the plunge and even though I’ve only gone once so far, I had a blast. I walked into the bachata class, confident, I kill it at parties with bachata, I got this!
Boy, was I wrong.
I sucked so much. I had the basics down, and every time the instructor explained a new spin, I had the dumbest confused look on my face. Luckily for me, all the other persons in the class were so patient. According to the teachers I did great for  my first time, (even though I disagree) I can’t wait to go again. (I’ve been practicing the routine in the bathroom at work, hahaha)

Anyway, until next time.. remember, things happen. It’s okay to take time to collect yourself, be a little hurt, eventually it’s time for you to get back out there. You deserve to be happy, and sometimes it’s the little things that bring you that joy.