Canvas: Oracle


Alright, alright.. this may not be so new, in case you’ve been paying attention.. but let me explain.
This piece was recently showcased in The Color Scenes: An all Alpha Female Experience, and I finally got around to taking better pictures of it. Before I even finished it, a fellow beauty by Michelle fell in love with it and insisted on purchasing it. I think you guys all know how much I love when my pieces go to good homes, there was no way I was going to say no.


Once it made it’s debut at the show, it was time to ship the canvas all the way to Florida. When I tell you I struggled, I’m telling you I struuuuugggleeeed to  find a box. Evetrything was too small, the wrong shape. I was feeling defeated. It came to the point that a month passed and I had the eyes of the girl on the canvas staring at me.. grilling me… telling me I sucked. I’ve been on the hunt for a mini fridge in my room, and when I finally ordered and it arrived it felt like a stroke of genius hit me. Hello, Milli, get your shit together.
   I padded the hell out of that box, I spent way too much on that postage and blew the majority of the profit on just shipping charges, but at this point I didn’t care. I overnight-ed the box, and tracked the hell out of that package. When I received the text message that the package was delivered, I called Michelle up, eye boogers, bad breath and all ( I had just woken up) and told her to check outside her door.
She was also so excited, (and just waking up..or should I say I woke her up). Having her reaction being so elated over something that I created was the best feeling ever. I’m extremely grateful with  her patience, and am more appreciative that my piece gets to be admired by someone so sweet and thoughtful.

Many, many thank you’s  Michelle!

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