Link Love

  • I’ve been listening to this song a lot. It makes me cry, and I can’t figure out if they’re sad or happy tears yet.
  • This summer is going to be littttyyyy…. I have a bunch of festivals and concerts  lineup. I really want to add this one on the list, but it’s so close to a trip I have coming up.. can I squeeze it in? I don’t know.
  • Everyone’s going nuts about the #BowWowChallenge, and I find it absolutely hilarious. I guess he finally responded to craziness.
  • These sandals are so damn cute… that price isn’t though.
  • If I was in front of my mirror dancing in my underwear, I would be blasting this song right now.
  • Another app, it sounds cool, but we keep talking to the same people in different portals. Where does it end?
  • I’ve been on the hunt for earrings that look like this , this, or this one… but I can’t seem to pick one, they’re all so beautiful!
  • This rainbow village in Indonesia looks so cute! Talk about picture worthy background.
  • Apple kills me with launching new products every other day. Rumors of a new ipad pro? You know I’m going to want to have it… (wallet screams for mercy)
  • The older I get, the worse I get at flirting. I’m nowhere near wanting to date someone new, but these memes had me cracking up at the thought of me even trying to attempt to do so.

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