Mood Board: Diet or Lifestyle Change?

It’s been a week now. I’ve been eating nothing but salads and spinach wraps for dinner. For breakfast, a banana and yogurt with nuts. It doesn’t bother me at all, the change, though I do miss the taste of bacon.

My last trip to the doctor has made me realize, it’s now or  never. Doc advised and gave me the weirdest number that I looked at him like he had 10 heads. He weighed me, and in my defense according to my last visit in January I’m down 4 pounds, which is is nothing…. hell, my hair weighs that much lol
He insisted that if I do everything correctly, I could lose 30 pounds in 40 days. (You see where those 10 heads came in?) I tell him ” you have a magic pill back there that I don’t know about?”
He laughs, yet my eyebrow is still raised with confusion.

Now, personally I know I can shed some pounds, but 30 might be a bit much. He gives  me a huge list of things I should eat and avoid, I skim it over and tell  myself I would try. I’m not going to kill myself or deprive myself of something because it’s not on a piece of paper. I know, I’ll have to find my own balance with it all. I’ll up my greens, I’ll drink more water, I’ll reduce red meats, and substitute them for fish or chicken.

It’s been a week, and I know nothing happens over night. I do catch myself having more energy, but on the other hand, why am I feeling so bloated?
I’ve been giving myself an earlier bedtime, (no more staying up to 2am on weekdays, when I have to be up at 7am) and even though I already walk a lot… I’ll run sometimes, or take my bicycle out for a spin. Anything to keep the heart pumping.

Who knows where this will go? I’m setting my  bar low, and if I get somewhere high, then I call that a win. All I know is I’m getting older, my body is changing, and If I keep going the way I was before, I’m going to have worse problems down the road.
Hopefully I’ll continue this pattern and no elbows deep in cheeseburgers, my weakness.

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