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  • I’ve been doing more homework on body language. Maybe now that I’m pursuing more time with photography, I’ve come to realize how important is is, and not only for pictures. This article is a great example of how you can tweak small things in your posture to make a huge difference.
  • I’m constantly looking up curly hair styles on Pinterest and these have to be some of my favorite looks.
  • This song is just so catchy, it’s been on repeat all day!
  • My boss and I have weekly meetings where we discuss books. Right now we’re reading this one, it’s about emotional intelligence. It speaks about self-awareness, self- management, social awareness and social skill. It sounds like a lot, but I found this chart and article that breaks it down pretty easily. I’ll be ready for my next meeting.
  • I’ve moved recently, and if you know me, you know I like to decorate. Before I get into that though, I have a lot of cleaning up to do. Since I’m losing out on storage space, I’ve been thinking about getting about 4 dressers, and this one from Ikea seems to be the winner so far.
  • As I’ve mentioned, I’m been focusing on my photography more. Which means I’ve been updating this instagram profile, you should go follow.
  • I haven’t announced this yet, but in September I’ll be taking a little business trip. I won’t say where yet, but I’ve been doing my homework on street style shooting. Like almost everything I self teach myself, I go through constant posts like this one, this one and even this one. Soaking up all the knowledge.
  • The warm weather for me usually means it’s time to pick up body painting again. I’m torn, because I want to continue this series, but I want to change the style up drastically, mainly focusing on being less promiscuous.

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