Mood Board: I Got This

March is half-way over, but to me that only means a new beginning. This is MY new year. My birthday is almost here, and these past years, I never really paid mind to it. Granted, I’ve had wonderful stories and events with friends, but this year, after a very long time, I’ll be spending it with family.
I have a few things I want to do, and I’m hoping it all goes the way I have it envisioned in my mind.
Right now, I can honestly say I don’t have gift list. There’s nothing I can think of that I really need. I may want some things, but that all comes in due time. Things that I can purchase for myself. I wanted to be surrounded by loves one with great energy. I want to build memories.

This new year for me, means putting all of my goals, thoughts that I’m constantly writing down, into action. My change of attitude, has made my life at ease. I find myself smiling more, being more patient, and less angry. I’m falling in love with myself, and if this is any indication of what 28 is going to feel like. I’m so ready for you baby.
This year is about Celebration, celebration our minds, bodies, spirituality and being content with ones self. Mental well being, leads to acts of wanting to help others do the same.

In one of my recent work meetings, in “Devotions” as we like to call it. We start off with everyone going around the room, each person stating something they are thankful for. It can be something big, like a move, a wedding announcement, or it can be something small, like finding a way to work with something else in a different department, finding a solution to something, or even being thankful, that your lady at the coffee shop knows your order, as soon as you walked in.

I absolutely love that. You start off by being encouraging. Showing gratitude for someone’s attitude, someone’s time.

I know many of are have given something up for lent, as well. Though I chose to go a different route, than giving up meat. I made myself a promise instead. I vow to start saying “sorry” less, and say more “thank you’s”.
I know it seems so minuscule, and random, but If you do the same, you’ll see that the way you respond to things, people or situations, makes a huge difference. That positive energy is then returned to you, making your life easier.

Try it this week, and let me know how it has worked out for you.
See you guys soon, I should really ready and head out!