Goodbye Minx, Hello Milli Stephania

I’ve had the name “Minx” & “2minxinx” for a little over 10 years. Twelve if I’m not mistaken. It has been good to me. I have been recognized for it. Everyone calls me this.
It’s time to slowly start fading it out. I have just purchased a 2nd domain for my site. You can still access my site through, but after December it will no longer be active. It’s all a transition.
I’m not the same girl I was all those moons ago. My mentality, personality and art isn’t the same.
It’s about growth, & it’s time to grow up.

Minx has always pertained to my feisty personality usually involving my flirtatious manner. I’m not like that anymore. I’m pretty much to myself these days. I barely speak to anyone unless it’s family or dear close friends. My anger is almost non-existent. I’m all about feel good energies, being calm, being centered with myself.
I help others, I volunteer, I’m learning to strengthen  my relationship with God, and find happiness within myself, not others.
I’m turning 28 this year, and it’s opening my eyes. I had a toxic look on life, and when you have that expression, you end up treating others in a horrid way. I’m constantly learning, and I’m loving the new me.

Minx has been good to me through out all these years. Minx has been my business persona, an attitude many couldn’t handle. She started off with grafitti, bossy, and an in charge demeanor.

Milli Stephania is me, there’s no need for an alias any longer. I still have many “Minx” moments, because let’s face it… I’m still going to be me. But now I’m better than ever.
My perspective is flourishing. My artwork is developing. I know I have a wonderful journey in front of me. I hope you all come along for the ride.