Mood Board: March 2017 Wants

      Why is it that as adult, our wish list is usually boring stuff, like making sure my rent is paid, there’s food in the fridge and bills, bills, bills (Insert Destiny’s Child meme here). Not only that, everything is more expensive. tear. I’ve been wanting to re-do my living space. I want to be able to walk into a room that inspires me, and that is the complete opposite of what’s going on right now. I’m donating half of my wardrobe, but it still seems like I don’t have enough space. Having no closet means I only have to improvise, and this cute wall unit with drawers seems perfect. I can display my nice heels or bags in the glass compartment, and stuff my jeans in the drawers.
I’ve also been wanting a new desk, more precisely a corner desk. The one I have now is wobbly and I hate that i’s so bulky and in the way. I fell in love with the one above, but it’s discontinued. How upsetting. I have a dual monitor set up on my PC, so I gotta figure out how I will make that work…. but first, find the desk!
I have a couch in my room, and I love having it. I only wish it wasn’t so space consuming. This chaise looks perfect enough for my guests when they come over, and I’ll still have space to dance around my room when no one is here.

I guess my main thing is simplifying and creating more space.

I’ve been investing in myself this year. Step one of that is investing in my craft, and I can’t do that with outdated equipment. (Read what I was working with HERE) I’ve moved on over to Apple, so my iphone 7 plus is always on my side now, my ipad pro has helps me create easier than ever and my macbook is so easy to carry…I hate the outrages prices for all these gadgets, but it’s been making my life so much simpler. I can’t complain.
The next gift I’m giving myself has to be a new camera. I was going to get the rebel t6i, but after doing a lot of homework, I learned the t7i comes out in March. How perfect, especially for my birthday. Hey, no one spoils me but me, so why not? I have the t3i at home, and I shoot blind since I dropped it many moons ago. It still works perfectly fine, but the view finder gets on my nerves. i could repair it.. but why, when I could get a new toy.
As a woman, we tend to love accessories. The bag pictured above looks roomy enough to carry all my essentials. I’ve been looking at laptop bags, but then the camera won’t fit. I look at camera bags, but then the laptop won’t fit. First world problems. This bag looks prefect. Now I only need to find out where to get it.

What’s on your shopping list this month?

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