Family: She Glides

     What a great night to spend outdoors. The weather is chilly, but not freezing my fingers off. The light breeze reminds me that I didn’t bring a scarf with me. My mother made last minutes to go to dinner. My cousin Yenny is in New York from Dominican Republic. She was here in the summer for the first time, where I took her on the jet skis (see that post HERE) and had a blast.

This time, she was experiencing winter. She mentioned she saw and felt snow for the first time in Connecticut the other day, and whenI ask her how she felt, she blushed. See in D.R. all they know is heat, and in their “winter” months, it’s still pretty warm. She ended up buying a coat here in NY, and when I laid eyes on her, she was all bundled up, leg warmers included!
I insisted on us doing something a little fun, instead of just dinner. Ice skating it was. I bought myself a scarf from a street vendor and picked out the brightest one that my eyes laid on.
       We rented out skates, and Yenny was nervous about hitting the ice. I chuckled because I know she was excited. Her boyfriend, Alexis decided to stay on the sidelines and admire her from afar. Bryant Park was packed, and I was trying to remember the last time I was on skates. Which was pretty much in 2014 on a date. Ok, now I was nervous.
Yenny stepped on the ice, but her balance seemed perfectly fine to me. I was tricked! She looked like she knew exactly what she was doing. She kept saying how much her son Victor would love this. I only reminded her that she got to see snow for the first time, and now she gets to skate over it.
    After I got my balance on the ice, no.. I didn’t fall. Yenny and I pretty much held hands the whole time. started off slow, guiding her close to the wall. She fell pretty much 3 times, and it was the cutest thing. She kept getting back up, and after they cleaned the ice, it was now slipperier. (Yes, I had to make sure that was a real word) Now it was time to speed up, and I was maneuvering my way around, gliding through everyone else, tagging along her with me.

After all the ice skating, we made our way to Red Lobster, where my brother Kiki met up with us. My parents split a huge frozen margarita, and it was delicious! We all pretty much got full off the lobster pizza, and mozzarella sticks. Once our entrees came in, we didn’t even know where to begin. I ended up packing my dish for lunch tomorrow.
Spending time with family is so important, and I’m glad we’re making all these memories. Since we’ve all gone through a loss recently, I played a home video I shot 2 years ago with my late cousin Ceasar. We all smiled as we got to see his personality shine on the screen. It only made me realize that all the documentation I do is so important. Now that we have so many kiddies in our family, it’s time to make these memories last. Like my mother used to do when we were younger with all the home movies. Talk about nostalgia… hmmm.. I should see if I can buy a VCR so we can replay some of those.

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