Family: Target Is A Trap

   This President’s day, was for family. My brothers, my sister and I all come from different boroughs of New York to come spend time at the parent’s house. I packed my big old book bag and made my way over.
Our family is getting bigger, and you can see it. The significant others are already recruited as family, which makes everything so much sweeter. I’m the only playing fifth wheel.
My niece Harlie is almost 3 months, and she’s filling up. She’s getting so chunky, you can see it all in her cheeks!
Another person who keeps growing is my sister Julissa. Her belly is rounding out more and more by the day. She’s 5 months already, time is going by so fast. I can’t wait until my little nephew gets here already. My sister is the most spoiled prego I have ever dealt with. I can’t!
We took a stroll to Target upon the sister-in-law’s request. Target is a trap! I always end up spending money I didn’t plan on using whenever I walk in there. I walked out with a purse, a lip gloss, groceries, and cute bunny rabbit for Harlie. Somebody take my credit cards away from me.